To The Daily Time,

 Next Wednesday, Feb. 7, the New Hampshire House will vote on HB-1524, an act “relative to election-related amendments to the United States Constitution.”

The bill calls for a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution. It asks for "the United States Congress to support a constitutional amendment containing the following language: ‘Section I. Congress and State Legislatures shall regulate the role of money in elections and governance to ensure transparency, prevent corruption, and protect against the buying of access to or influence over representatives. No such regulation shall be deemed in violation of freedom of speech rights in the Constitution of the United States or its Amendments. Section II. Legislative districts or districting plans shall not intentionally or unduly favor or disfavor any political party. Within 12 months of ratification, all federal and state district lines shall be redrawn to conform hereto. Within six months of the effective date of this section, the General Court shall hold one public hearing to be attended by six members of the House of Representatives, three from each of the largest parties, appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives, and two members of the Senate, one from each of the two largest parties, appointed by the president of the Senate to record public comments on such an amendment, to be forwarded to New Hampshire's congressional delegation along with the notification of the passage of this act. Effective Date. This act shall take effect 60 days after its passage."

I believe that by taking election rights to the Constitutional level we can prevent big money from continuing its sway over American democracy. I think that an amendment to the United States Constitution would protect the individual voters, who have lost too much of their voice recently to corporations and parties that pander to their donors.

Martha Buffkin Kane


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