I'm sure many of you have been looking for a response to the allegations that hit the news this week. So I decided to take a little time and address a few very large misquotes and falsehoods that managed to sneak by the Daily Beast's editor (if they have one).

Some may be wondering if I plan to step down after uttering such terrible phrases. Some might be thinking, "but wait a second, I know Robbie and he's no rapist. Did he really say these things?"

Still others have decided to answer the call of action made by the hit piece and defend women's honor by threatening and harassing my girlfriend. The irony is palpable.

The question is, did I really say any of this?

Let's start by getting the big quote out of the way. This thing has been made into a meme and passed around Facebook and looks pretty bad. If it were true, I'd agree it looks bad.

"I'm going to say it. Rape isn't an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot. I think he'd say it's quite good, really."

This is, justifiably, what many consider the most egregious quote. Don't I have sisters and a mother or some sort of moral compass? The media says NO!

But friends and family have contacted me to assure me I didn't become a rapist over night. I feel like I should listen to them. What was the context of that statement?

It was a debate about absolute truth that was recurring on my forums back in '08. The default position for most on the aptly dubbed "gripe corner" was devil's advocate, which made for lively debate. (Unrelated bits removed for brevity, but you can read the full source here: https://archive.is/zqvin)

"Satan: What is truth? — Pontius Pilate [John 18:38]

Applegoogle: Eh, my economics teacher thinks there is absolute truth, only because of certain in arguable things, like the act of rape. No conscionable person would say rape is good, let alone occasionally, as temporary truth implies ...

Riev_Mordred: Well, unfortunately [Applegoogle], rape is neither good nor bad. Nihilism wins this argument for the masses! (Or, just me) ...

FredFredrickson: I'm going to say it — Rape isn't an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot. I think he'd say it's quite good, really.

Applegoogle: Hmm, never thought about it like that. I concede my point, even though I never made it truly my own opinion. Still, if I'm not mistaken, the rapist is thinking negatively or ridiculously selfishly. I might be wrong, because I'm a bit tired, but I'm gonna explore the possibility that it still makes it an absolute wrong.

Spike: The act of rape is wrong as a rule of thumb, but it is true that the rapist may enjoy it. Otherwise he wouldn't do it. ...

Spoonman: Maybe there are non-utilitarian theories of ethics (gasp!)"

Later on I write:

"FredFredrickson: We're discussing the concept of an absolute truth, and relativity — neither of which have anything to do with smoking and raping — and our actual opinions of them. These are hypothetical examples to try to support or dismiss theories."

And further down on page 8:

"FredFredrickson: ... I think rape is bad, I'm not arguing for it. I'm arguing against the idea of an absolute truth ..."

As it turns out, context is very important when quoting somebody. I suspect they teach it in journalism courses, but it seems like it should be basic common sense.

A lot of people have called for my head without an ounce of comprehension of the context of this quote, including Speaker Jasper, but that's okay. I don't blame them. I blame the failing school system.

But that wasn't the only quote.

"He blasted women for their 'sub-par intelligence.' He said that women's personalities are "lackluster and boring, serving little purpose in day to day life.'"

It may come as a surprise to you that an early twenty-something thinks he's very smart, but let's just delve into the context of this, just before this quote.

"I grew up in a family with four very smart sisters and a very intelligent mom. I grew up with the understanding that women are communicative, direct, intelligent, and honest.

When I grew up and started dating, that's about where the delusion began to hit reality."

Sure, my experience would eventually lead me to discover that all is not lost in the bleak world of dating, as I'm in a very happy relationship today. But my god did it suck when I realized just how high of a bar my family set for my expectations, with no preparation for the eventual realization that most people won't be what you expect.

And you can hit me over the head with a fedora and call me a neckbeard, but I thought I had the whole spectrum of women figured out after a few bad dates.

I'm sure many of you are thinking a lot of men make pretty lousy dates as well, why did I single out women? Simply put, I've never dated a man. My brother, who is gay, says that the dating scene is pretty difficult with men as well. I'll have to take his word for it.

"It is literally the (female) body that makes enduring these things worth it,"

I'm attracted to women, I can't help it, I was born this way.

Dating is a slog, and anybody who doesn't admit that either doesn't know/remember what it's like to date in the 21st Century, or they're lying. It's obvious that men and women's selection of dates is based heavily on physical features. To deny this is naive at best and delusional at worst. Personality is important, nobody disagrees with this. But you have to be attracted first.

You've got to kiss a few frogs before you find a princess, and I did. Then complained on the internet about it.

"Pk_atheist admitted in December 2012 to supposedly video-taping sexual encounters with women in order to protect against false rape allegations."

I never taped a sexual encounter, though I have often considered that it may be the best, or only, form of protection for men to prevent false rape accusations. I assume there's a legal way to do it with proper notices and consent forms, but I never got around to researching it.

Obviously my fear of the rate of false accusations was fresh in my memory, as I had lived through the nightmare once before. But if you spend the time to explore the topic you discover that the reality is harrowing.

You're in a room alone with somebody else, and all you have is he-said-she-said testimony if somebody claims something went wrong. My experience with these situations is that people tend not to care what he said. Look no further than the public's reaction to what she said about me at the Daily Beast, and you'll see what I'm saying.

And finally, my favorite quote:

"Dude, I'm attractive and a businessman. I own a small empire. I'm also running for political office, and I'm incredibly outgoing ... And this site (OkCupid) files me in next to millions of other guys. Obviously I'm going to have more luck IRL,"

I have to ask ... why did she (the author) leave out my budding kazoo career?

In reality, online dating sucks, and I wouldn't wish the experience on my enemies. Did I over-estimate my value on dating sites? Hard to answer. Some may say I didn't go far enough. I never even tried piano key neckties.

The thing is, my friends and family know full well I'm not in favor of rape. It's such an absurd position, I'm actually surprised anybody bought into it. It's a shame that people like Speaker Jasper rather believe the agenda-driven blogger than look into a simple source and realize he had been duped.

It's sadder still that people think this means it's now okay to direct threats of violence and harassment towards me, or even more troubling, my family, friends or girlfriend.

I think we've had enough of this game. The only power proselytizers have over you is what you give them. I'm not interested in letting manufactured moral outrage over some out-of-context non-quotes dictate whether I'm going to do my job in Concord.

I'm going to continue fighting for what I believe in. Smaller government, lower taxes, more liberty, gay, straight, and transgender rights, (yes, for all my supposed small mindedness and misogyny, I'm firmly pro LGBT) and family court reform.

For those of you who read this entire thing to see my resignation, sorry to disappoint.

(Republican Robert Fisher represents Laconia and Belmont in the N.H. House of Representatives.)

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