Now after much time has passed and for those who have taken the time to have read the Army report and many of the transcripts of the Bergdahl trial, I have to wonder about a few things. Yes, he did walk away from his post, let’s get that out there.

A few other issues must be considered however. From day one he was called a Deserter by the media and members of Congress. A media and Congress who many never knew we even had a POW or knew his name, because we no longer use the term MIA/POW, it’s now DUSTWAN — Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown!

That started after NH’s Mike Durant was captured and held for 11 days. He was on a feeding mission in Somalia. Yet, he was considered a POW and rightfully so.

Senator Bob Smith had to fight for that status for Mike, along with the Veterans community. That’s when it changed. How could you be considered a POW if we were Not at War, just on Missions or Operations ?

So, let me pick up the pace here cause I could argue this forever. Sgt. Bergdahl was first known by his men as SF, as in Special Forces, because he was such a ‘Gung Ho’ kind of guy’ these are his men's words! He was quiet, did not smoke, occasionally a pipe was stated, didn’t drink, read most of the time about Afghanistan and its people and was ready to help and ‘protect’ them!

After he was in Afghanistan for a period of time (?) he became very discouraged with his Command and how people were treated and nothing was how he was told it would be. He had a best friend killed and people were being transferred because of disciplinary issues. I guess over time this added up to a mental breakdown!

Now here let me add, that this Soldier (Bergdahl) who ended up in the Army and in a Combat situation, was released from the Coast Guard after about a month because of mental and personality issues. In 2008 the Army had lowered its standards because of the ‘Surge’ and that is how Bergdahl got in.

Now, in ‘His’ mind, according to his Psychiatrist]s report, he actually thought he could make it the 17 miles to a Higher Command and report the mess His Company was in, his intension was to save his men! HE believed that ... right or wrong ... HE believed that!

On the news we heard his men say things like “He was a deserter because he didn’t have our backs”! Now I for one, became angry with that because ... Who Had His Back? He was obviously ill! His platoon Sgt. had gone to the Top Sgt. and discussed he was having issues with a Pvt. in his squad (Bergdahl). He was told to handle it because there were more pressing problems! This is All from the Army’s investigating report.

We all know what happened from there. Bergdahl was captured a short time later.

The Taliban thought they had a high priority person because of all the action. Bergdahl was held for 5 years ... Escaped 3 times ... Beaten often ... Held in a cage.

Report stated “No American Soldier” was actually killed looking for Bergdahl.

All those in the area, after Bergdahl was captured, were aware of him and looking for him on every mission. A couple of solders were Very Seriously wounded, looking Particularly for him.

After his return and some treatment, Sgt. Bergdahl apologized for his actions and took responsibility. I got this from his Lawyer Eugene Fidell and Army legal court report.

The Army however never took responsibility for accepting this man into the Army in the first place and by doing so, put him and others in harms way!

The Media, Congress and Much Of America referred to this American Soldier as a Cowered and Deserter without all the Facts!

Members of His outfit let HIM down and put ALL in harm's way by keeping him there, especially his Medic who spoke against him. As a Hospital Corpsman, who served in Vietnam, I can assure you a Soldier like Bergdahl would have been on the first Chopper out of there, no questions asked and I believe Not any Vietnam Veterans would disagree with Me!

So, was this Soldier wrong in leaving his post? ... Yes! Was he ill? ... Yes!

Was he a Deserter or Coward? ... No! Was this a Political event and more about the Rose Garden and President Obama? ... Yes!

Bergdahl, as far as I know, still has had NO family contact because of Long standing issues.

A mentally ill soldier (Bergdahl) was called a Deserter and Coward by a Media and Congress that “I know” didn’t even know his name ... and neither did Most Americans!

SO, you better think if you or someone you know have a loved one serving and they should have a Mental Relapse of some kind and they expect assistance....

Remember, the Army and all Military protect themselves!

Just a thought on Veterans Day.

Bob Jones

Vietnam Veteran


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Good letter, Bob.

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