We’ve all heard the old lines “for every action there’s a reaction,” and “what goes around comes around,” and we know them to be true. Think of those and wonder what the Republican oversight responsibility will inflict on the next Democrat President. Will it be reciprocal to the actions of today’s Democrat leadership?

Will a Republican-led House of Representatives sit on their hands and simply not pass any legislation that might allow the Democrat President to claim a win, no matter how important that legislation might be to the people? Will that Legislative branch ignore past acceptable procedural precedents in favor of Democrat-like secret investigations behind closed doors, not allowing Democrats on the committee the right to call witnesses or share testimony? Or the one being investigated to face their accusers? Will “deep state” Republican holdovers spy on Democrat leadership and listen in on top-tier executive calls with other foreign leadership and leak anything and everything they think may be misconstrued against the Democrat? Will such information lead to new investigations intent on keeping the fire stoked and the Democrat leadership’s hands tied?

Will Republican leadership use various government intelligence resources to spy on the Democrat President and other key Democrats? Will the information gathered be used to have more closed-door investigations and/or be leaked to the press in order to inflict damage on Democrats?

These are but a few of the types of things the Dems have inflicted on the Trump administration, beginning even before he was elected to the Presidency. Now take a few minutes and consider how these types of things have taken giant steps towards the destruction of our Democratic Republic.

For example:

• If this type of destructive sniping became routinely reciprocal, would anyone of substance be willing to put themselves through such a wringer to become our President?

• Would women and men of accomplishment be willing to have the depths of their personal lives be pried upon and spread throughout the media? Would potential candidates be willing to have scurrilous and often-unfounded charges destroy their family?

• Would a regrettable high school prank be conflated into a family-destroying event ending a candidacy?

• Would foreign leaders be willing to have issues of national importance discussed over the telephone with the President and his/her cabinet-level officers?

• Would we continue to give “whistleblower” status and protections to those who did not personally hear or witness the information in the charges they are making?

• How long do you think it will take for elected Presidents to walk away from their positions simply because the opposition party prevented any substantive issues being adequately addressed and the daily harassment being too much of a distraction?

Now, take any one or more of those questions and apply them to your favorite Democrat candidate. Do you think Elizabeth Warren could survive three years of what has been inflicted on President Trump? How about Camela Harris? Or Joe Biden?

President Trump has taken everything that has been thrown at him for three straight years and he still stands strong. He has personally handled that barrage by using his Twitter account to respond. Although he has countless critics of his Twittering, do you think our “free press” has given him any reasonable alternative via their pages? It is hard to believe that many people, Democrat or Republican, would be willing to undergo the hammering that he has taken but, if there is reciprocity, that is what is to be expected.

Our Democrat friends might want to take a look back at history. Centuries ago, England used its Impeachment to the point of self-destruction. When one party became the majority, they impeached the leadership of the other. When that other party subsequently became the majority, they inflicted impeachment on the other leadership. In one period in the 1600s, 100 people were impeached in less than 30 years. Finally, England’s politicians found that they were only hurting themselves and their country ... they have not had an impeachment since 1806, and that person was subsequently acquitted.

All this country-destroying nonsense can continue and, if it does, it shouldn’t take too long for us to become a “third world” country.

Personally, I don’t think Republican leadership will ever stoop as low as have their Democrat counterparts, as they have respect for our Constitution and historical precedents.

Time will tell.

Bob Meade is a Laconia resident. He may be reached at bobmeade13@gmail.com.

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