We have now gone through three years of the unprecedented “Resistance”. Has it made anything better? Emphatically, No! Has it divided the nation 16 ways from Sunday? You betcha! Are politicians ignoring success and pleading for failure? Unfortunately, far too many are. Are some ignoring the Constitution and established legislative precedents in their attempts to overturn an election? Yes! Are some politicians promising “free” college education, free healthcare, free money from the government for those who do not choose to work? Yes! Are some promising to turn us into a Socialist State? Another Yes! Are some politicians promising wanting to do away with the Electoral College? Yes, they are ... even though it means destruction of our Constitutional Republic!

There’s more divisiveness that could be added but you get the message.

When considering those negatives, we must first ask ourselves, Why? Why are those divisive and hateful things being inflicted on us? After all, we are the freest and the most prosperous nation in the world. We are the most generous nation on earth, not only in what we give in financial aid, but in how our military provides protective assistance in countless countries around the world. Our economy is the envy of the world and our employment numbers are at historic positive levels for all segments of our population. Our research into medicines leads the world and our healthcare is exceptional.

There are more positives that can be added but you get the message.

The most obvious answer to the “why” question is: Because politicians are willing to risk all those positives in an effort to try and retain and grow their power, even if means risking our Constitutional Republic.

A few things to think about regarding lifelong political careers. Remember, our first president, George Washington, when asked if he would run for a third term, said “No! Two terms are enough for any man.” That bit of shared wisdom was followed until Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt sought and won third and fourth terms. He died during his fourth term in office in 1945. Subsequently, in 1951, the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, limiting the presidency to two terms.

Along the same line, the Constitution originally called for there to be two senators from each state, to be “appointed by the State Legislatures thereof”. That arrangement basically allowed the senators to more closely reflect the current political position of the states they represented, and there were really no “professional” politicians. However, spurred on by the “great mouthpiece”, William Jennings Bryan, in 1913, the 17th Amendment was ratified. It did away with the appointment of senators by their State Legislatures and changed the process to the “direct election” of senators by the vote of the people. While that sounds somewhat noble, it actually ushered in the “professional politicians”, with every one of the longest-serving senators in our history coming after that amendment was ratified. And, to a very large degree, it is what has led us to the political fights that have been and are now dividing our country.

Our senate has evolved in a group of people who have abused the processes established by our founders. Our Congress has manipulated its way around being held accountable for difficult issues. For example, since 1942 and World War II, it has provided “funding” for a number of wars, but has never had the courage to issue a Declaration of War. It has also sought to use the court system to deliver decisions on difficult issues that really needed thoughtful legislation; abortion probably the most notable. Essentially, our legislators are unwilling to stand up and be counted for their actions; they desire a judicial branch, of lifetime appointees, to do their bidding for them. The presidency therefore becomes crucial; as each side expects to appoint judges who have a political leaning favorable to them. After all, it only takes a majority of one judge to essentially impose a nationwide law, and it seems that our legislators don’t seem willing to write and enact laws that may achieve the desired result and also pass the judicial muster.

The country has been being divided by politicians for politicians. Their need is to obtain the presidency in order to make judicial appointments that will carry out their political wishes. The fact that President Trump was able to get two “constitutionalists” appointed to the Supreme Judicial Court has put the left in somewhat of a panic as, if he gets reelected and is able to have the opportunity to appoint two or three more justices, in can have a negative effect on the left’s desires for many years to come; lifetimes.

We, the people, can stay as divided as the professional politicians want us to be, or we can come together and focus on ridding ourselves of professional politicians. If not, we have met the enemy and he is us.

Bob Meade is a Laconia resident. Contact him at bobmeade13@gmail.com.

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