In order bring freedom to our shores, our founders risked life and limb to fight against what was then the greatest power in the world — Britain.

Subsequent generations fought to bring freedom to those who were enslaved. Later generations sailed to Europe to enter the First World War stalemate between the alliance of Britain-France-Russia against the German-Austrian and the Ottoman Empires. Subsequently, our nation was attacked and entered into the Second world War.

In every case, our country did not go to battle to conquer; it went to bring freedom. As this is being written, it is but a few days before Memorial Day, the day we unite in honor of those who gave their life in the fight for freedom and peace.

The freedoms paid for by the sacrifice of those who came before us are being jeopardized by internal divisions in our country. Those divisions have been created over political differences because Hillary Clinton lost an election she was predicted to win by a landslide. Virtually every possible division imaginable is being stoked in the fireplace of petulance. Women against men! Young against old! Race against race! Non-believers against believers! Pro-abortion against pro-life! Those who believe in our Democratic Republic versus those who demand a socialist state! Have-nots versus those who have! All these divisions, and more, have been designed by politicians in their quest for power; not to serve the people, but to serve themselves.

The division between Democrats and Republicans is glaring. Every effort possible is being made to thwart the President and remove him from office. Not only was the “deep state” weaponized during the Obama administration in an effort to ensure a Clinton victory, it appears that so too has the judicial system been co-opted to deter the current President. In multiple cases, District Court Judges have issued nationwide injunctions on things which the President has a right to issue an executive order. A number of times, when President Trump issued Executive Orders on what he believed to be national security issues, it appears that Federal District Court “judge shopping” has taken place in an effort to prevent President Trump from taking executive actions to correct or improve certain conditions. For example,

• 3-15-17 Judge Derrick Watson of the U.S. District Court of Hawaii issued a ruling blocking nationwide, President Trump’s Executive Order on some immigration limitations. On appeal, the Supreme Court overruled Judge Watson and ruled in favor of the President’s order. (Judge Watson is an Obama appointee.)

• On 11-21-17 Judge William Orrick of the U.S. District court for the Northern District of California issued a highly controversial injunction against President Trump’s Executive Order proposing termination of certain types of federal funding for Sanctuary Cities that fail to comply with Federal Laws. (Judge Orrick is an Obama appointee who “bundled” donations of $200,000 for the Obama campaign)

• On 8-25-18 U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (an Obama appointee) ruled against President Trump’s Executive Orders which had been issued in an attempt to rein in the literally fireproof Federal Union employees. (As a side note, it was President Franklin D. Roosevelt who strongly believed that Federal Employees should not have bargaining power.)

• On 5-21-19 Judge Amit P. Mehta denied the request of President Trump concerning the House of Representative demand that he provide 10 years of his tax records. (Judge Mehta is also an Obama appointee.) It is very likely this ruling will also be appealed by the President.

Now the Democrats refuse to accept the Special Council’s report and are attempting to do everything possible to undermine or destroy the Trump presidency. They are even asking for his tax records going back 10 years ... eight years before he became the President. No reasonable person could justify such an action on anyone as it has nothing to do with “Legislative oversight”. The left is running amuck because the actions taken during the 2016 election are about to be exposed ... corruption in the NIA, the CIA, the FBI, the Justice Department and, if the FBI text messages are validated, it appears the corruption may run all the way up to the White House. The left feels that to save themselves, they must not only destroy President Trump, they must destroy the Attorney General. That would be the end of our Republic.

It’s time for clear-thinking Democrats to take back their party and stop digging the hole they’re in even deeper. It is destroying our country.

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