As we all know, many in the House of Representatives are determined to keep digging until they can find something with which to impeach the president. One would think that after spending tens of millions of dollars, reviewing millions of pages of documents, interviewing hundreds of people, and spending about two years in their endeavor, the team of 18 experienced, and mostly zealous, Democrat attorney/investigators could not find the collusion they were looking for. But the Democrat controlled House of Representatives is not giving up . . . they’re willing to spend more millions of your tax dollars, probably bankrupt more citizens who will have to pay substantial attorney fees defending themselves against charges of a non-crime, until they can find some sliver of wrong doing they can use to make an impeachment charge.

Whatever results their efforts will produce, we can be sure there will be a loser; that is, we, the American people.

Let’s take a look at what some might consider to be “impeachable offenses:” 

— Having the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wrongly delay and/or deny legitimate requests for non-profit status for organizations leaders in the IRS thought might be in some unknown way supportive of Republicans. Congressional investigations showed that wrongs were committed and nothing was done to punish the perpetrators.

— Allowing the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to violate the law that prohibits that agency from spying on United States citizens, by permitting/directing them to engage citizens of other countries to do such spying on their behalf.

— Permitting the State Department and the Secretary of State to have an un-secure private internet server and to freely transmit secret and classified information over that network.

— Having classified information on the Secretary of State’s computers destroyed while such was under subpoena by the FBI, destroying over 30,000 subpoenaed e-mails and physically destroying the equipment. Nothing was done to Secretary Clinton, nor was anything done to the FBI for their malfeasance.

— Having literally thousands of State Department e-mails found on the computer of disgraced former Representative Anthony Weiner’s personal computer. Nothing was done to Weiner, or his wife, who worked directly for Secretary Clinton.

— For the president to have detailed knowledge of Russian (and other countries) attempts to interfere in our election process . . . and to do “nothing” about it for a number of years.

— To repeatedly deny and ignore pleas for security from our ambassador and, when he and his staff came under outside attack, give orders to our military and others to “stand down”, with the result being the murder of our ambassador and those who tried to save him. No one was held to account for the loss of lives or for preventing our military from intervening.

— To arrange for the release of over $150 billion dollars that had been held in financial institutions, and providing another $1.5 billion in cash, and having it flown secretly to Iran in the dark of night without obtaining any legislative or judicial approvals.

— To allow for the Attorney General to secretly meet with former President Clinton while knowing his wife was under federal investigation. No investigation, just another yawn.

— To “weaponize” the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) so that senior staff members worked diligently to try to prevent candidate Trump from being elected to the presidency.

— To know and ignore the fact that candidate Clinton, the Democrat National Committee (DNC), and the FBI all paid for what is now knows as the “dossier”, and that the FBI submitted this unverified and unproven document to the FISA court on four different occasions to get a warrant to spy on a Trump campaign member. In doing so the FBI certified to the court that the dossier had been “verified”.

These things are public knowledge. We have seen the corruption, the malfeasance, and the outright breaking of the law. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has shown no interest in righting the wrongs of the previous administration. Their only interest is in “getting Trump.” But think for a moment about the fact that although he has been under constant siege by the Dems and the media for over twoyears, he has achieved some excellent results.

He has brought back companies to this country. Job levels are excellent for all races and genders. More jobs are available than we have workers to fill them. Oppressive regulations have been diminished. Stock market and people’s personal investments and IRA’s have increased. Other countries have been faced with having to contribute their fair share in their own defense in NATO. Countries that have been considered a risk/threat, have been addressed directly and the work continues. And, across the globe, he has worked to instill fairness in trade.

With all that in mind, can you imagine how much more our country could accomplish “for the people,” if the president received even just a smidgen of fairness and cooperation from the Congress?

(Bob Meade is a Laconia resident. He may be reached at

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