Did you ever imagine that the most dominant force in our country would be hate? No? I didn’t think so either, but it is happening. It’s been building for a while but it seems to have taken a quantum step when Secretary Clinton lost an election to a political novice . . . it took hate out of the closet, put on the center stage, and then overdosed it on steroids.

Because she was the first woman to be selected by a major political party to run for the nation’s highest office, and because she lost a race all the polls favored her to win by a landslide, and because the press/media were sycophantic in their endorsements of her, the election was supposed to be a mere formality that would precede a historic reception in celebration of her victory. But it didn’t happen . . . she lost!

Of course, It couldn’t be her fault, all the polls showed she was going to be coronated. He shouldn’t have won! He never ran for office before. Who can be blamed? Certainly not Hillary. The Electoral College? They’ve “stolen” elections from us before. Could the voters be that stupid? Maybe they are, they’re all in those little states, what do they know? We must resist! That office belongs to me. He must be removed!

And so it goes. In a relatively small amount of time almost the entire press corps/media has been mobilized and the “resistance” has become the standard operating procedure for the Democrat party . . . and it’s all built on hate!

Democrat politicians want to deny the president any achievement that could be deemed a “victory.” Most notable is the partial government shut-down over the president’s request for funding for a partial wall along our southern border. The hypocrisy of it is that each of the Democrat leaders (Pelosi, Schumer, and even then-Senator Obama) have all previously voted for what they are now denying. For any politician to espouse an “open border” policy is to be in contempt of their oath of office . . . “to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution”. Can you name any country in the world that allows anyone to simply walk in and assume all the benefits of citizenship?

The press/media follows the mantra of hate exhibited by Democrat Party leadership. In recent days we have see students from a Catholic High School, who were visiting our nations’ capitol, being savagely attacked in the press on totally false charges. The students did not do anything to infringe on those who invaded their space, but the press went overboard in making the attackers the victims. The result was the 15 and 16-year-old students received threats on their life and their school from radical hate groups. Because a few students were wearing baseball caps that had the “Make America great again” message, their attackers and the press/media felt they had license to attack the young class.

In another instance, one of the regular panelists on “The View” openly proclaimed her hate for the president and indicated the hate would continue until he was ousted from office.

And Speaker Pelosi, among other things, has denied the president the right to deliver his constitutionally-required State of the Union address in the House of Representatives. The Constitution and tradition be damned, hate prevails.

These are but a few examples of the climate that exists. The bottom-line issue is, who wins if the president loses to the constant barrage of hate from the political left and the sycophantic press? The answer is that our country loses as it will be forever changed for the worse.

— Three co-equal branches? Gone! We will then be a third world country.

— Respect for the presidency from other nations around the world? Gone! Those countries will be looking for the radicals who will act on their behalf rather than on behalf of our country.

— Citizens willing to suspend their personal freedoms to run for the most difficult job in the world? Gone! Who would be willing to put up with the unending abuse, bias, and bitterness of the opposition party and its compliant press?

Gone! And replaced by those who will promise everything for free, while shutting down our capitalistic free-enterprise system in favor of

socialism; ala Venezuela.

The greatness of our country is unmatched in the world. Hate is putting that greatness at risk. Among the things that brought greatness is our free enterprise system, where individuals took personal risks in an effort to make and bring things to market that they believed people wanted and needed. Yes, some became exceedingly wealthy but with that wealth they also created new technologies and systems and procedures that brought jobs and good wages and benefits to millions of people.

Would those entrepreneurial geniuses stay here knowing that their success would be taken from them through confiscatory taxes? Or would they find safe haven in other countries who would gladly forsake confiscatory taxing in favor of jobs that would enrich large segments of their working populations?

Hate never made a “winner”. Let’s stop putting our country at risk.

(Bob Meade is a Laconia resident. He may be reached at bobmeade13@gmail.com)

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Co-equal branches are back, Bob. Speaker Pelosi has just schooled Trump in civics. There is a new sheriff in town :-) No longer can the obsequious House Republicans get away with looking the other way. The turning point for hate was Newt Gingrich and his gang of Clinton haters in the 1990s. Clinton hate is a GOP tradition, 25 years old running. As far as people who deeply despise Trump, being a pathological liar, a racist, a bigot, a con-man and a phony, an organ-grinding monkey for the rich, an enemy of the environment, attacking our judiciary, making everything about himself, raging against our underpinning democratic institutions, demonizing Muslims, hateful rhetoric and inventing fake statistics about immigrants, and --- well, that earns a lot of hate. No, it is not because Hillary lost. People hated candidate Trump, too, because he has no moral principles. Never has. His platform was all about dividing the country. Pay attention, Bob. He has been a vile person all his life. He is the ugly American, making America uglier again.


Hi James,
What I find so interesting is that you completely ignore every malfeasance and felony ever committed by the Clintons, but call the President every name you can think of.
You berate Newt Gingrich in favor of Clinton but ignore that Clinton’s most notable achievement was having a balanced budget that was handed to him on a silver platter thanks to Gingrich/Kasich. You ignore the fact that President Clinton was actually guilty of the issues that led to his impeachment. Harry Truman, a great Democrat President, was known for having said that anyone who gets rich while in office is a crook. Now think of Secretary Clinton acquiring well over two hundred million dollars for her supposed “charity” while she was in office. From what I’ve seen and read so far, the preponderance of expenditures by the charity has been for “travel expenses”. Maybe someday we’ll get the real scoop. Doesn’t it bother you that the Justice Department, the FBI, elements of the CIA and NSA were essentially weaponized to try to ensure her winning the election? If Hillary had won, none of that criminality would have been exposed.
James, to me the issue is that the hatred against President Trump is being stoked every day by Democrats and the sycophantic press/media. If you/they are successful and he is ousted, our nation will be forever changed for the worse. We will become a well fed Venezuela and no one of any consequence will be willing to risk self and family by becoming the next target. We have to stop the hate . . . it affects us all.
Peace. Bob


Bob, Trump deserves hate because he is a hateful lowlife


Dear Bob - as regards the State of the Union, the President is required to only provide written comments to the Speaker of the House to share. There is NOTHING that requires a joint session of Congress and SCOTUS for him to deliver his remarks. Additionally, the Homeland Security Secretary herself stated the need for "extraordinary security" for the event at a time when many of those who would have been required to provide said security were unpaid. I don't know about you, but if my company was not paying me, I wouldn't show up. Speaker Pelosi was well within her rights to dictate a postponement.

As to the hate you speak to? Yes - it is out there and it is certainly on ALL sides. But we didn't suddenly develop it in the past 2 years. It was quite prevalent during the Obama Administration from those on the right. It is now endemic in our society and POTUS himself stirs it up qute readily when it serves his purposes.

Alan Vervaeke


Yes Alan, you’re correct, but that doesn’t make it “right”. Speaker Pelosi is so intent in not giving the President a win, that she’s willing to sacrifice precedent in an effort to embarrass him. Sadly, in doing so, she ignores potential future consequences.
In an effort to help President Obama “stack” the Federal District Courts, Senate Leader Harry Reid, did away with the filibuster rule on judicial appointments, save for the Supreme Judicial Court. In doing so, Reid changed 240 years of Senate tradition. The Constitution gives Congress the right to set its own rules, and the Senate filibuster rule was from the beginning . . . it’s part of what is often referred to as way of preventing the tyranny of the majority (much like the Electoral College rules that prevent the large, more populous states dictating to the larger number of small states). The consequence of that change is that President Trump has been able to name a record number of conservative judges to the district courts. And, when the Supreme Court nominations came up, the Senate also did away with the filibuster for those nominations.
Consequences can be tough.
Trump got elected because the people were fed up with politicians of both parties. They wanted them to work for the people not for themselves or their parties. Hopefully someday the politicians will understand that an get back to doing what’s “right”. Pelosi thinks she’s winning but she, and we the people, are losing. The longer the hate continues, the deeper the hole will be.
And, as to President Obama’s treatment, no one can honestly claim that, in their lifetime, there has ever been a President who has been under siege as has been and is, President Trump.


You're probably right about President Trump, but as my father used to say, "You've brought this upon yourself".
Both parties made and continue to make mistakes. All we can hope for is someone who can reunite both sides. Of course that assumes that both sides are willing. I grew up in the GOP and have been an independent since Reagan because none of the GIP Presidents have been progressive since Nixon, and all of the progressive candidates lose. We need to go back to being United States instead of divided.

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