Top Considerations for Cool Weather Camping

(StatePoint) It’s almost never too cold to head outdoors when you’re well-prepared. On your next cool-weather hike or camping trip, keep these considerations in mind for a safe and comfortable experience:

• Between a rock and a cold place: Not only will the addition of a sleeping pad under your sleeping bag make your tent a comfier place to get some quality shut-eye after a long day of hiking, rappelling or fishing, it will also provide an important additional layer between you and the cold ground, helping keep you warm. Lightweight and compact, many models are inflatable and pack up neatly between uses.

• Sure-footing: When trail conditions will potentially be slick, it’s always a good idea to bring along the equipment needed to stay sure-footed. Be sure to wear waterproof hiking shoes or boots with solid traction and consider using trekking poles for further stability.

• Tech zone: Staying aware of shifting conditions is especially important when adventuring in the cooler months. Wearable tech, like Pro Trek watches from Casio, can help. Rugged and water-resistant up to 100 meters, these watches provide crucial information such as altitude, location, barometric pressure, as well as sunrise and sunset times. These features can help you with navigation, planning and staying on top of weather conditions. Ranging in price between about $200-$500, it’s easy to find a model that meets your needs, whether you’re an angler or a whitewater rafter.

• Health and wellness: In chilly weather, sun protection and hydration remain just as critical as they do on hot days. Be sure to wear sunscreen on any exposed skin, along with lip balm containing SPF and sunglasses offering UV protection. If drinking cold water outdoors doesn’t appeal to you this time of year, heat beverages before hikes and stow them in an insulated thermos.

The temperatures may be falling, but there is no need to rule out an outdoor-oriented trip. Proper gear can help ensure a successful adventure.

Photo Credit: (c) AlexBrylov / iStock via Getty Images Plus

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