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What I learned from a duck

The pat, pat, pat of feet got louder as the duck came from behind. Even though I expected it, his pecking on my calf made me jump. Not dete… Read more


Cupid's arrow hits Topper the Ox

Last week, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, Topper, a 1,400-pound, black Highlander steer, posed for hours next to a sleigh covered with … Read more


New Adventure Slope now open at Gunstock

GILFORD — Gunstock Mountain Resort opened an Adventure Slope on Lower Smith trail near the base of the Panorama Lift on Feb. 14. The slope … Read more


Much more than a bird feeder

The bird feeders in our yard attract a fair selection of the common birds in the Lakes Region during winter: chick-a-dees, nuthatches, titm… Read more


An ox becomes a fond memory

The last time I saw Stash, he was standing at the gate, looking through the slats at me. I walked over, reached out, and popped an apple in… Read more


Mother Nature! You and your shenanigans

March 20 is the first day of spring, but MY winter ends whenever the spring grass is ready for my cattle to eat. The trick is to keep them … Read more


Discovering Chapman Sanctuary and Visny Woods

SANDWICH – In these times when getting outside for renewal is so important, it is a good chance to explore new places. Recently I visited a… Read more


How animals read our minds

Why do we use voice commands like “sit” and “stay” to teach dogs? Because we are humans, and we like to communicate with words. So, we thin… Read more


SLA to host winter hiking 101

HOLDERNESS — Want to get into winter hiking, but not sure how to prepare for all of the snow and ice? Join the Squam Lakes Association on S… Read more


How to get through to an ox

Last week I told you how my oxen team, Topper and Stash, almost tumbled down a steep slope while pulling a log out of the woods. As they st… Read more


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