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Most dogs don't want to be the boss

Flora, my 8-month-old rescue pup, knows when there's a stranger outside the house. When a new person walks by the house, she'll bark. If it… Read more


I've been thinking like a dog

Flora, my mixed-breed rescue dog, looks more and more like a mini-Golden Retriever every day. I doubt there is such a breed, but if there i… Read more


Beneficial spiders

Summer in the Lakes Region brings with it a vast array of wild creatures, some large and conspicuous, some tiny and never seen; some loved … Read more


Family planning on the farm

It's that particular time of year when each cow steps a bit smarter, and the bull gets a twinkle in his eye; it's breeding time at the farm… Read more


NLRA presents Turtle Trek: A guided paddle on Newfound Lake

BRISTOL — Join the Newfound Lake Region Association’s Watershed Stewards for the Turtle Trek, a guided paddle on Newfound Lake that focuses… Read more


Clean cattle and green grass

For the past week, my cattle have been eating hay even though it's summer. They'd eaten up the grass at a borrowed pasture in nearby Canter… Read more

Reuben, loyal friend and hiking companion, comes to end of the trail

While working in my community garden plot at the Bluff Farm (Vermont Land Trust) in Newport, Vermont, I glanced over at Reuben. He was lyin… Read more


Bear works 'under saddle' with Miles Smith Farm Inn guest, Emma

For the last four weeks, three students have been taking the Farm Training 101 course I teach here at Miles Smith Farm. The course is for a… Read more


Eastern tiger swallowtail is an eye-catcher

New Hampshire’s wildflowers are a feast for the eyes from late winter when early bloomers like snowdrops emerge, through late fall when a h… Read more


Reviving a heat-stricken calf

Newborn calves are more delicate than you might think. They do not control their internal temperatures well and can die from cold or heat t… Read more


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