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New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu waves to supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as he arrives to campaign at a polling station at Windham, N.H. High School, Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, in Windham.

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(The Center Square) – President Joe Biden would easily win a Democratic primary in New Hampshire if he decides to run again, according to a new poll.

The University of New Hampshire survey, released on Tuesday, showed Biden with a commanding lead over potential Democratic challengers in the 2024 first-in-the-nation primaries.

More than 49% of Democratic voters said they would vote for Biden if the primary were held today, according to the poll.

Nearly two thirds of the New Hampshire Democrats who responded to the survey said they wanted to see Biden run again in the 2024 elections, pollsters found.

Most Democrats, or 61% of those surveyed, said they believe that Biden is an "above average" president.

Nearly three-quarters of Republicans, or 72% of those polled, said they believe that Biden is one of the "worst presidents in U.S. history," pollsters found.

The UNH survey follows a similar poll, released last week, showing former President Donald Trump trouncing several potential rivals for the GOP’s presidential nomination in the next election.

While a potential rematch between Biden and Trump in 2024 is unclear, both political heavyweights have traded barbs recently in public statements.

While campaigning with former Gov. Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, Biden pointed out that he beat Trump in the state in the contentious 2020 elections.

McAuliffe's bid is being viewed as a referendum on Biden's policies and Trump's support among the Virginia electorate.

"I whipped Donald Trump in Virginia, and so will Terry," Biden said at a Friday rally.

Meanwhile, Trump took aim at Biden during a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday, where he repeated unsubstantiated claims that he won the 2020 presidential election "by a landslide."

“Joe Biden and the radical Democrats are wrecking our nation," Trump told supporters.

Trump handily won the GOP primary in New Hampshire but lost the state to Biden by about 60,000 votes in the general election.

The UNH poll also showed that support for the Granite State's first-in-the-nation primary status is waning among likely voters.

Only 46% said they support the state law requiring New Hampshire's primary to be held seven days prior to a similar election in another state. That number has dropped from 61% in 2019.

The poll surveyed 1,794 likely voters between July 15-19. It has a margin of error of 2.3%.

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