BERLIN — A bill working its way through the state Legislature could hold the financial relief the city needs to better fund its schools, also granting the same relief for municipalities across New Hampshire.

House Bill 529, as Mayor Paul Grenier described to city councilors last Tuesday night, would have the state paying more for education than in the past.

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" . The current state budget — passed in 2021 — continued to downshift costs onto local towns and cities." that is unlawful!! The KEY word here mentioned is: "downshifted" . Compare to the phrase" "shifted down".

The Londonderry case of 2006 on page 9 of 19 of the internet version = above the Roman Numeral " V " [ 2006-258, LONDONDERRY SCHOOL DISTRICT SAU #12 v. STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE " ] that reads: " Whatever the State identifies as comprising constitutional adequacy it must pay for. None of that financial obligation can be SHIFTED to local school districts, regardless of their relative wealth or need. " with emphasis ADDED, as in NO downshifting. See also above that of: " We note, however, that if the current system of delivery in combination with the statutory definition establishes a constitutionally adequate education, there would be no need for any local education taxes as the State would be required to pay for implementing the entire statutory scheme. " for None, no, and entire at 100%. "

" “There is a significant gap between the actual cost of education and what the State has determined to be adequate. The average cost to educate one student for a whole year is about $20,000, however the State only provides, on average, approximately $4,700 per student. Local property taxpayers must make up the difference, resulting in large variability in tax rates and the quality of education provided." That is unlawful * , un-constitutional, as against Article 5 in Part the Second of the N.H. Constitution since tax rates and taxes are supposed to be reasonable and proportional that they are not.

Thank you " Lisa D. Connell, The Berlin Sun Feb 28, 2023 " and The "Laconia Daily Sun" for publishing this on Wed., March 1st on page 10 . So did ANY-body put this into an Abatement Application by that Wed., March 1st deadline? Reference: what Merrimack County Superior Court Judge Brian T. Tucker wrote once of: " RSA Ch. 76:16-a "Good Cause includes abatements to address illegality,** P. Loughlin, 16 NEW HAMPSHIRE PRACTICE / MUNICIPAL LAW AND TAXATION Sec. 26.02 at 273 (1993)" = Peter Loughlin, Esq. of Portsmouth, N.H. " I've heard that one such tax protestor in Boscawen did take this illegality ​ like ONE STEP BEYOND to that of this unlawfulness* . Them of the B.O.S. there on this Monday, February 27th Abatement Application awaiting the decision in the Con Val case in April for the EXACT dollar $ amount of what? $15,000 per student, pupil or child? Leaving a difference of $20,000 - $15,000 = only $5,000 to be made up from the municipality? No! It has to be 100% State-Funded. Any and all property taxes over-paid to be rebated and at that RSA Ch. 76:17-a interest rate of 4% (revised in 2022 down from the prior 6%. Did anybody in the Lakes Region file such an Abatement Application? If not for 2022 then I guess the City and Town Tax Collectors to NOT RSA Ch. 80;4 bill and collect in the May half-year billings wanted paid in June since what? The Legislators in the Legislature to finally DO their job? Money Bills start in the House. Plus BTW The State Surplus is at $ ½ billion, that's $500 million.

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