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Jerry Cullen, a contractor shown here with Looney Bin Bar and Grill owner Michelle Watson, is a regular customer at the watering hole. Early this week, though, he spent his time patching the business up after a car crashed into it on Sunday night. (Roger Amsden/for The Laconia Daily Sun)

LACONIA — The owner of the popular Looney Bin Bar and Grill says she feels fortunate to have developed a rapport with her customers that makes them feel like they’re part of a family.

Michelle Watson said Tuesday Jerry Cullen of J.C. Construction changed his company’s work schedule to handle repairs to the building as quickly as possible after a car crashed into the restaurant Sunday night.

“It’s really nice that he’s going out of his way to help a little local business,” says Watson.

Cullen, who was wearing a Looney Bin T-shirt, said He and his crew are working hard to “put the building back the way it was.”

He said he is a regular customer at the Looney Bin, describing it as “the best bar in New Hampshire” and said he's especially fond of the steak tips that it serves.

“Everbody’s friends in here. They have excellent food and they do a lot for the community,” said Cullen, explaining his decision to make the restaurant repairs his top priority.

Watson says she expects the restaurant will be opening within a day or two and that she is glad that no one was hurt when a car crashed into the building Sunday night.

She said the accident took place just after the restaurant had closed at 9 p.m. Sunday and that the two workers still inside had just moved away from the front door.

“We can fix the building. I’m just glad no one was hurt,” said Watson, who has been running the Looney Bin since it opened 13 years ago,.

Located across the street from Funspot at Weirs Beach, the Looney Bin has a sign that reads, “Warm Beer, Lousy Food, Good Times.”

She said it has proven to be a popular destination spot for all kinds of people, from bikers and construction workers to multi-millionaires from nearby Governors Island.

Watson says chicken wings and chili are two if its most popular dishes and that she strives to use all of the fresh and local ingredients she can find in her cooking.

Police said that Marie Giguere, 77, of Belmont, was pulling out of the Funspot parking lot on Sunday night when she heard a "pop," and lost control of her vehicle.  She told police the steering wheel wouldn't move.

Her car went across Route 3 and down an embankment before making a sharp turn and hitting the entry door of the restaurant.

Police said the crash is being blamed on a blown tire.

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