LACONIA — Three Grafton County residents have been indicted on arson, burglary and criminal mischief charges related to a crime spree in the vicinity of Winona Road, New Hampton, last May.

New Hampshire State Fire Marshal J. William Degnan had previously announced the arrest of 20-year-old Jacob A. Cohen of 66 Langdon St., Plymouth, in connection with break-ins at several properties in the area.

A Belknap County Superior Court Grand Jury handed up indictments against Cohen, as well as Ian Decato, 20, a transient from North Haverhill, and Travis Ladner, 18, of 3447 Route 3, Campton.

Cohen faces two Class A felony charges — conspiracy to commit arson and night burglary — as well as Class B felony charges of burglary and two counts of criminal mischief. The charges allege that he and Ladner agreed to enter a Winona Road home and Ladner provided matches to start a fire there. Cohen and Decato then broke into the home, according to the charges. Cohen also allegedly caused damage beyond what the fire created.

Ladner faces a Class A felony charge of conspiracy to commit arson, along two Class B felony counts each of burglary and criminal mischief at two Winona Road residences.

Decato faces one Class A felony charge of night burglary, four Class B felony charges, three of them for burglary at three Winona Road residences, and one for criminal mischief.

An indictment is not a finding of guilt, but an indication that the grand jury has determined there is sufficient evidence to proceed with court action.

Other indictments during the November grand jury session include:

• Brett Covey, 37, of 12 Vista Ridge Drive, Londonderry, faces a Class B felony charge of negligent homicide in the death of Paul Samatoro on June 17 in Gilford. The charge alleges that Covey was driving his Chevrolet Impala in a negligent manner, causing a fatal collision with Samatoro’s motorcycle. Police say Covey was driving faster than reasonable for the road conditions and was weaving in and out of his travel lane, causing him to collide with the oncoming motorcycle.

• Christopher T. Deware, 35, of 37 Deware Drive, Belmont, faces charges of possession of Alprazolam and possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, both Class B felonies.

• Jeremy J. Drake, 33, of 70 Main St., Ashland, faces charges of sale of a narcotic drug, fentanyl, and sale of a controlled drug, methamphetamine.

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