SANBORNTON — Among the recent resignations in Sanbornton was that of Board of Selectman member Katy North, who was recently replaced by Jim Dick, whom selectmen appointed to serve until the next town election.

In discussing the resignations, town officials said, and The Laconia Daily Sun reported, that North had resigned because she was moving out of state, but North says that is not the case. She remains a resident of Sanbornton.

And the minutes of the June 26 selectmen's meeting, when she tendered her resignation, show that her decision to leave came out of frustration with what she described as "the select few that go behind the scenes and always try and back door the process for the greater good of themselves and not the betterment of the community."

The minutes say that North "stated she has served the Town for over 20 years and has accomplished many great things that she is proud to say she has had a string [sic] hand in making the Town what it is today. Selectman North stated it has come to her attention that no matter what good deed you do, or how much you try and work to make things better for all, it never seems to be enough to keep great things going. Selectman North stated she finds it upsetting, to say the least, that social media and small community groups that continually pop up are allowed to circumvent the true spirit of democracy the way our forefathers set it up to be. Selectman North stated she finds the select few that go behind the scenes and always try and back door the process for the greater good of themselves and not the betterment of the community to be quite disturbing, she has noticed over the past year not one of these people stepped forward to run for office and serve this Town in a positive capacity to move the Town forward in a productive and meaningful way, to serve the community instead of serving their own agendas. Selectman North announced with great sadness, that effective August 1, 2019 she will be resigning as a Selectman but wishes the Town luck in the future because Sanbornton is a great Town with a lot of great people but the greatness of it all won’t survive without the greater good being everyone’s priority. Chair Olmstead made a motion to accept Selectman North’s resignation with deep regret. Selectman Salatiello seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously."

North's resignation came during a period when several town officials were resigning.

Town Clerk-Tax Collector Courtney Plamondon resigned, and selectmen appointed Juliana Lonergan to replace her, also hiring Gloria Landry as assistant town clerk-tax collector. Longergan had been serving as head of the town's recreation department, so the town is looking to fill that position.

Town Administrator Katie Ambrose resigned to take a job as deputy city manager in Rochester and selectmen named Trish Stafford to replace her.

Transfer Station Manager Rick Razinha resigned in order to move with his wife to Cape Cod, and police officer Gary Boisvert accepted a job as a sergeant with the Ashland Police Department. Both of those jobs also remain open.

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