New Marine Patrol building should open by end of month; water meters going in



GILFORD — The new state Marine Patrol building, set to open at the end of October, should have meters and pay for the use of the municipal sewer system, say Gilford selectmen.

Town Administrator Scott Dunn said that the previous building was not set up to meter sewer use. In exchange, the Marine Patrol and the private marina that was there before them provided potable water for the Glendale Docks bathrooms.

"There is a water spigot people can use to fill water jugs with drinkable water," said Dunn, adding that he's fairly sure the Marine Patrol will still provide the water but unsure at this point if the town will have to pay for it.

He said that as part of the new Marine Patrol building, a new well was dug but the state needs to install a treatment facility to ensure its cleanliness.

Dunn said the water used in the toilets is not drinkable and is pumped in from the lake.

The other ongoing issue with the new Marine Patrol building and the town of Gilford is the former 30-foot right-of-way that connects the upper parking lot to the lower parking lot, which is where the boat ramps are located.

In actuality, said Dunn, the official right-of-way cannot be used because it is on a slope and there is a "giant" tree growing in the middle of it.

He said for years, the town and the Marine Patrol, as well as the private marina that preceded the Marine Patrol, had a "neighborly agreement" that the 30-foot connector was land that was on the Marine Patrol property. In exchange for the use of the land, the town agreed to pave and maintain the 30-foot access.

Dunn explained that the commonly used right of way has been closed during the construction of the new Marine Patrol building and has not been reopened because the new facility used all of the space.

He said the upshot is that there will continue to be a walking path between the two parking lots, however cars wishing to move between the two will have to use the individual entrances for each lot.

This tree sits in the middle of the 30-foot right-of-way between the town property at Glendale and the Marine Patrol Facility. (Gail Ober/Laconia Daily Sun)

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