LACONIA — A Gilford legislator says he will formally request Monday night that the Belknap County Delegation remove and replace all members of the Gunstock Area Commission.

Rep. Norman Silber (R-Gilford) said he will make the request when the delegation meets at 6 p.m. to consider a $650,000 revenue anticipation note being sought by the commission, an appointive body which oversees the operations of the county-owned Gunstock Mountain Resort.

Silber said he will not vote for any revenue anticipation note and will ask his fellow legislators to support filing legal action against Gunstock to force it to pay $175,000 that Silber claims it owes the county.

Over the last five years, Gunstock has been paying $175,000 a year to the county but that agreement expired on Dec. 31, 2016, and no agreement has yet been reached on a new one.

Gunstock Area Commission Chairman Sean Sullivan emailed a response to Silber which read: "with its expiration, any contractual obligation for Gunstock to make a payment to the county also expired. Therefore, no payment was due to be paid under the expired agreement."

Silber maintains that the $175,000 is still due to the county and should have been paid by April 30.

He said the failure to pay the amount by that date and then requesting a $650,000 revenue anticipation note amounts to extortion and that he will not vote to approve the request until Gunstock pays the county.

Sullivan said the Gunstock Commission will be suggesting a $175,000 payment for this year when it meets with the delegation on Monday. He said that offer was made during negotiations with legislators Tuesday night.

"During our negotiating meeting, we agreed to recommend the extension of the prior MOA for one year (i.e. payment in 2017 of $175,000) and to continue good faith negotiations for a longer term agreement."

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