GILFORD _ Devin Farrell, a senior at Gilford High School, is following his lifetime dream of racing motocross.

Last weekend he won all four races he was entered in at the Lempster New England Motocross (NEMX) event in western New Hampshire, riding his Kawasaki KX250.

Not only did he win two 250cc events, he also outraced more powerful bikes by winning both races in the 450cc class.

That came on the heels of wrapping up the 2018 Spring Series with NEMX on July 14 with two first place championships in the Youth C and 250 C divisions.

He started racing in March 2017 with NEMX and won the championship for the youth C class during the spring championship and was awarded the Ironman award for competing and finishing every race with NEMX.

In the Fall of 2017 he finished in second place for the championship for the youth C class and was awarded the Ironman Award while finishing in fifth place for the 250C class. His racing number is 188 and he is looking for another championship in the fall series, now in its fourth week. His season for racing starts in March and ends in November.

He traces his success to mastering the learning curve for riding and handling dirt bikes and to strong support from his parents, Brian and Sandy, and the rest of his family, including his grandmother.

“They’re always there for me,” said Farrell.

He said that he has always rode dirt bikes and that getting used to exactly what he needed to do in order to handle the jumps has been a learning experience for him.

”It’s a big thrill to be out on the course and competing with other drivers," he said. "I like being out there jumping and going faster and faster every weekend.”

He has to fit his racing into a busy summer schedule which sees him working at two jobs, at Meadowbrook and with Island Support Services, which delivers  items like lumber for island building projects.

Farrell is preparing to pursue his dream of motocross racing professionally by attending a training program for dirt bike racers in either Georgia or South Carolina after he graduates from high school next year.

“You get to ride every day and they work with you to teach you all the things you need to know to succeed.” said Farrell.

With the good results and reaching out to companies he has picked up some sponsors such as Seven, Dunlop tires, Acerbis bike parts, Mobius braces,  Spy eyewear and Bell helmets.

He made it through the area qualifier at MX207 on May 12, to earn himself a spot at the regional qualifier in Unadilla, New Berlin, New York, for Loretta Lynn’s, one of the most prestigious amateur American Motorcycle Association races in the country.

Being able to achieve that gives him confidence that there is a future for him in pro racing. He said he is driven to achieve his goals within the sport and not choosing the normal path of settling for something other than his dream.

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