LACONIA — A libel suit filed by Jeffrey Clay against the Alton and Prospect Mountain school districts has been settled.

The details of the settlement are confidential, the district lawyer said.

“I’m not entitled to discuss the details of the settlement, only that (the case) was settled,” said attorney Samantha Elliott, who represented the school districts.

When contacted, Clay said, “I’m glad it’s behind me.”

Clay had sued the boards and former Alton School Board Chairman Steven Miller over a letter to the editor Miller submitted to a weekly newspaper in 2017. In the letter, Miller wrote that Clay had surreptitiously recorded part of an Alton School Board executive session — an allegation Clay denied.

Notice of the settlement was recorded at Belknap County Superior Court on Friday.

The two school boards had argued they should not have been sued because Miller was offering his personal opinion in the letter, and not speaking for either board. However, Clay maintained the boards were legally liable for Miller’s comments because Miller was the Alton board’s official spokesman at the time the letter appeared in February 2017.

The case against Miller was dismissed in June because he had not received proper written notice that he was being sued. Superior Court Judge James D. O’Neill III affirmed that decision on Thursday when he denied Clay’s motion for reconsideration.

The case was initially filed in Circuit Court by Clay. That suit stated Clay was seeking $10,000 in damages. The amended complaint filed in Superior Court did not specify how much in damages Clay was seeking.

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