LACONIA — Police arrested 16 men and women Monday and Tuesday in a drug raid that sought 39 people.

Police Chief Matt Canfield said many of those sought are hard to find.

“There’s been kind of a paradigm shift in drug dealing,” he said. “We’re seeing a lot more user-dealers. They are selling to feed their habit. Those type of people are a lot more transient. Usually we have intel that we can find them at a location, where they crash here or there. That didn’t pan out as well as we had hoped.”

He said the arrests were spread out around Laconia, and some were made in Meredith and Belmont as well. Confidential informants aided the investigation.

The investigative effort was supported by funds from the state’s Law Enforcement Opioid Reduction Grant.

The arrests included:

• Angela L. Linteau, 31, 54 Adams St., on two counts of sale of narcotic drug, meth; and one count of operating after suspension.

• Jessica Warman, 39, a transient, on one count of possession of a narcotic drug, meth.

• Shane Delandy, 26, a transient, one count of unlawful dealing of prescription drugs, a misdemeanor.

• Richard J. Brue, 37, a transient, on one count of possession of a controlled drug, Suboxone.

• William D. Wingate, 47, of 11 Kentfield Court, on one count of possession of a narcotic drug and one count of forgery.

• Matthew Stark, 29, of 31B Howard St., on one count of possession of a controlled drug.

• Cody Ellis, 22, of 15 Northview Drive, No. 5, Meredith, on two counts of possession of a narcotic drug.

• Crystal Joy-Pagliarulo, 33, of 72 Peter Court, Belmont, on one count of possession of a narcotic drug.

At deadline, the following people were arrested, said city police, but charges were not available:

• Nestor Rivera, 46, NH State Prison – booking pending

• Joseph Grasso, 29, NH State Prison – booking pending

• Sonya Spooner, 39, 129 Cotton Hill Road, Belmont

• David Rothman, 31, 2394 River Road, Plymouth

• Brandi Robie, 32, 32 Moses Ave., Hill

Warrants are also in effect for the following people, who either have no permanent address or were not located during the sweep:

• Caleb Young, 23, transient

• Danielle Audet, 39, transient

• Corey Sinclair, 36, transient

• Scott Wein, 42, transient

• Sebastian Corneau, 22, transient

• Kimberly Moore, 22, transient

• Joseph Costello, 25, transient

• Stephen Johnstone Jr., 28, transient

• Ronald Steele, 23, transient

• Jessica Patten, 38, transient

• Velma Rivera-Sanchez, 38, transient

• Robert Estes, 28, transient

• Daniel Downard, 31, 664 Main St., #2, Laconia

• Jeremiah Valton, 39, 144 Valley Street, #2, Laconia

• Monica Kemper, 33, 398 Elm Street, #1, Laconia

• Todd Taylor, 45, 699 Union Ave., #5, Laconia

• Katelin Arsenault, 20, 184 Wildlife Blvd., Belmont

• Corey Sullivan, 32, 65 Sugar Hill Drive, Bristol

• Paul Caristi, 27, 21 Highcrest Drive, Belmont

• Leonard Constant, 24, 27 Morrison Road, Tilton

• Caitlin Gertz, 28, 2748 East Conway Road, Conway

• Christopher Klaft, 46, 8 Water St., Meredith

• Jean Loiselle, 51, 10 Summer St., #2, Farmington

• Riche Hernandez, 26, 36 El Rancho Way, Holderness

• Brandie Tarantino, 20, 16 Kimball Road, Gilford

• Hollie Callahan, 37, 138 Newton Road, #9, Plaistow

Anyone with any information regarding the location of any of the above wanted persons should call the Laconia Police Department at 603-524-5252.

– Rick Green

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