LACONIA — Police arrested two people on forgery and resisting arrest charges after a fake $100 bill was presented to a vendor at the New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival on Saturday.

Christopher Greene, 24, and Holly Solans, 23, ran away from a food stand at 5:42 p.m. after the cashier said the currency being presented was not real, police Chief Matt Canfield said Monday.

Detective Kendra Neri, who was patrolling the festival on a mountain bike, quickly caught up with Solans on the WOW Trail, Canfield said.

“It wasn't too hard,” Neri said. “I was riding and she was running.”

Police units then converged on Greene, who was arrested in a back yard off of Lyford Street.

Officers recovered several of the bills, which have writing on the front in Mandarin Chinese.

Canfield said further investigation revealed the writing said, “For practice use only, Circulation Forbidden.”

The bills resemble U.S. currency, but the paper feels different.

Canfield said they are apparently used for training people in China who work with foreign currency and that there have been reports the fake money can be purchased online.

There have been published reports about the bills turning up elsewhere, including Oregon and Hawaii.

Counterfeit $100 bills were displayed at the Laconia Police Department Monday. Police said someone tried to pass one of the bills at the New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival on Saturday. (Rick Green/Laconia Daily Sun)

Christopher Greene

Holly Solanz

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