Tower Hill benefit

Meghan Doptis, left, is helping stage a benefit for her boyfriend, Tim Lewis, who was badly injured in a motorcycle accident in Loudon in June. (Courtesy photo)

LACONIA — Tim Lewis was riding on the night of June 21, along with his brother, both of whom were riding their motorcycles. They were on Route 106 in Loudon when the car in front of Lewis’ brother pulled over to the side of the road. Lewis watched his brother proceed past the car, and then he followed behind. But as he approached the car, it suddenly pulled out into the roadway, perpendicular to Lewis’ path.

Tower Hill Tavern will be hosting a benefit for Lewis on Saturday, from 2 to 6 p.m. Two live bands, raffles, a silent auction, and free admission – all to alleviate the financial burden on Lewis as he recovers from the accident.

“So many businesses in the Weirs Beach area have donated gift cards and have really come together to show the love – that’s what makes this area so great we are truly a family here at Tower Hill,” said co-organizer Denise Manoli.  

The driver, according to Meghan Doptis, Lewis’ girlfriend, said he was attempting to make a U-turn and thought that only one motorcycle was trailing him. He never saw Lewis, and Lewis had no chance to avoid the vehicle. Lewis collided with the passenger side of the car and landed on the roadway. He suffered significant injuries, including head trauma.

“He’s not so good,” said Doptis, who works as the general manager at Tower Hill. “He’s having trouble walking, he can’t really work. He’s in a lot of pain.”

Doptis said she is hoping that, in addition to raising money through raffle sales, people will make donations, both in the form of raffle or auction items or through cash gifts.

“He can’t work, and the bills don’t go away,” she said.

Lewis, a 52-year-old Epsom resident, is the owner-operator of A&C Fencing, and built some of the fencing for The Big House dance club owned by Anthony Santagate, who is also the owner of Tower Hill Tavern.

But Lewis is more than just a contractor who did work for the business, Doptis said.

“We like to use a word at Tower Hill and the Big House: family,” Doptis said. “He’s family. He’s a really great guy, very strong, very proud, it’s sad to see him this way.” She said that Lewis earned the nickname “B-bop” because of his inventive dance moves. “He’s one of the best people you’ll ever meet, biggest heart, always making people smile.”

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