Scott Hilliard

Scott Hilliard (Courtesy photo)

TILTON — Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard, charged with drunk driving, had at least twice the amount of alcohol in his system than motorists are legally allowed to have, according to a charging document.

Hilliard, 58, of Northfield, waived his arraignment scheduled for Monday in Franklin District Court, and pleaded not guilty to a charge of aggravated DWI, two charges of DWI, and a charge of having an open container of alcohol in his car at the time of his arrest on Aug. 9 in the parking lot of the 99 Restaurant in Tilton.

The aggravated DWI complaint alleges Hilliard had a blood alcohol level of 0.16 percent or more. One of the DWI complaints alleged his alcohol level was 0.08 (the legal limit in New Hampshire), and the other DWI charge alleges he was under the influence of liquor which impaired his ability to drive. The open container complaint alleges Hilliard had “an open glass containing liquor or a beverage within the passenger compartment” of his car.

Following his arrest, the Police Standards and Training Council wrote the court asking for copies of his “indictment, complaint, and charging documents” as soon as possible, as well as copies of the final disposition of the case once a verdict has been reached.

The agency is responsible for the certification law enforcement officers in the state.

“The matter of his arrest and/or conviction may involve action under state rules,” the letter to the court reads.

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