Marc Brouillard

Marc Brouillard

LACONIA — A Laconia man is facing the possibility of life in prison following his arrest for selling a controlled drug which then led to the death of another person.

Marc E. Brouillard, 27, of Winnisquam Avenue, in Laconia, was arrested Wednesday on a charge of sale of a controlled drug with death resulting, culminating a five-month-long investigation.

Police Chief Matt Canfield said on May 26 police went to Whipple Avenue where they found a dead man on the sidewalk in front of a residence. He said officers found fentanyl on the man.

Soon after detectives began investigating, they obtained a search warrant to examine a cellphone. Information on the phone led investigators to Brouillard, Canfield said. Detectives interviewed Brouillard on June 2, and at that time they confronted him with evidence which they had obtained.

Canfield said drug investigations often take months. For example, in this case police did not have the results of the tests done on the drugs found on the victim until August, and they did not have the full results of the autopsy until September. Those results included a finding that the victim had fentanyl in his bloodstream.

Canfield said there have been 11 overdose deaths in the city so far this year. That number is significantly higher than the number of OD deaths in either 2019 or 2020. However, he said the number of drug overdoses in the city overall is “trending lower” than in recent years.

Brouillard was arrested on Wednesday without incident. He was later released on personal recognizance bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned in early January, according to court records.

Canfield said Brouillard was on probation on another charge at the time of his latest arrest, but was unable to provide any details.

State law states that anyone who sells a controlled drug that then leads to the death of someone is directly responsible for that death regardless of the seller’s intent at the time. The crime is potentially punishable by life in prison.

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Let’s talk about where the drugs originated, from HA headquarters on White Oaks Road.

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