LACONIA — Two local men have been indicted on charges of possessing a bomb, a situation to which authorities were alerted when they responded to an explosion last July.

Vern R. Brooks, 57, of Provencal Road, in Laconia, was indicted on a charge of conspiracy possession of an infernal machine, possession of an infernal machine, and reckless conduct with a deadly weapon. The conspiracy count alleges that Brooks, together with James Johnson, 42, also of Provencal Road, in Laconia, built an infernal machine — a device that is designed to either explode or trigger a fire. Johnson was also indicted on identical conspiracy, possession and reckless conduct charges.

Laconia Fire Chief Kirk Beattie said Friday that his department was called on the evening of July 3 to the 37 Provencal Road address stated in the indictments as being Brooks’ and Johnson’s residence. He declined to elaborate, however, citing privacy regulations. However, last July Beattie said two men were injured in the explosion, one of them very seriously.

Last August Police Chief Matt Canfield said that given some similarities, his department was looking into any possible link between the bomb which exploded and three bombs that were discovered in different locations in the city in 2019.

On Friday, Canfield said the department had not linked anyone to the bombs which were found in the parking lot of the Belknap County Courthouse, the parking lot at Bank of New Hampshire on Pleasant Street, and Bartlett Beach. None of those bombs exploded.

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