LACONIA — A local transient has been sentenced to the Belknap County Corrections facility and ordered to stay away from a Laconia supermarket after his release as part of a plea agreement in which he pleaded guilty to attempted shoplifting and theft.

Joshua Ellsworth, 30, no fixed address, pleaded guilty in Belknap Superior Court on Jan. 4, to three counts of willful concealment and a charge of theft by unauthorized taking, all involving various types of alcoholic beverages.

On one willful concealment charge, reduced to a misdemeanor, Judge James D. O’Neill III sentenced Ellsworth to serve nine months in the county House of Correction and ordered him to pay $4.78 in restitution, in addition to serving two years probation upon release.

The other charges were also reduced to misdemeanors.

Although thefts involving items worth less that $1,000 are usually misdemeanors, Ellsworth was facing felony charges because he had been charged with shoplifting following two previous convictions on theft charges.

On the theft charge, Ellsworth was sentenced to one to two years in prison with all the time suspended. The associated charges of criminal trespass and breach of bail were nol prossed.

On each of the other two willful concealment charges, Ellsworth was sentenced to 12 months in the House of Correction with all the time suspended. The associated criminal trespass charges were also nol prossed.

Each of the suspended sentences is on the condition of consecutive three-year periods of good behavior, meaning that if Ellsworth commits any criminal offense within nine years of being released from confinement, the court could reimpose the suspended part of those sentences.

Under the terms of the negotiated plea, Ellsworth is barred from going into Vista Foods on South Main Street in Laconia.

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