GILFORD — Gilford police responded to 68 service calls between Friday and Sunday, April 14.

Three people were arrested.

Michael R. Reera, 52, of Sargent Place, in Gilford, was arrested on a bench warrant.

Lisa M. Hitter, 52, of Annis Drive, in Gilford, was arrested for being a fugitive from justice.

Eric J.A. Peters, 39, of Locust St., in Laconia, was arrested for driving after his license had been revoked or suspended (subsequent offense).

Officers conducted 47 motor vehicle stops.

Police investigated a possible drug case on Sargent Place.

A report of criminal mischief on Cotton Hill Road was investigated.

Officers responded to two domestic disturbance calls.

Gilford police handled 17 service calls on Thursday, April 11.

One person was arrested.

Frank J. Harzmovitch, 53, of Parker Street, in Laconia, was arrested for DWI.

Police conducted 11 traffic stops, and investigated an accident on Stone Road.

Police in Gilford handled 61 service calls between Friday, April 5 and Sunday, April 7.

There were no arrests.

Officers conducted 14 motor vehicle stops, and investigated a traffic accident on Old Lakeshore Road.

Reports of criminal trespass and criminal mischief on Lockes Hill Road were investigated.

Police investigated reports of theft of personal property on Lakeshore Road (Route 11), and on Hammond Road.

A report of criminal threatening on Old Lakeshore Road was investigated.

Officers responded to three domestic-disturbance calls.

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