Movies made in New Hampshire are few and far between and Academy Award winners made in the state are even rarer, so having an opportunity to participate in something linking those two comes along once in a lifetime.

For residents of the Lakes Region, that time and place happens Saturday, Sept. 1, at Weirs Beach, from 3-7 p.m. That's when open auditions will be held at Tara Little’s Dance Studio at the Alpine Road Plaza, 36 Endicott Street E, Weirs Beach (by the rotary).

The film "Parallel America" and is written and directed by Ernest Thompson, who created the beloved movie "On Golden Pond," and who won the Best Adapted Screenplay for the film. The 1981 film also won Best Actor and Actress for Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn, as well as being nominated for Best Picture.

"Parallel America" is the story of three college friends who started a movement and now, 50 years later, one of them is wealthy and running for U.S. Congress.  The other two, still clandestinely involved working for the movement, see it as a chance to change the status quo in the country.

“The stakes are high,” said Thompson, “with no shortage of intrigue, danger and tension – even romance.”

Some of the available roles are: two vibrant male campaign workers in the 20s or 30s; a dynamic congresswoman in her 50s or 60s; a female nurse, preferable ethnic; a female folksinger in her late teens to early 20s; distinctive characters with some command of French and singing talent; crusty New Hampshire locals of all ages; yuppy white collar men in their 20s and 30s; attractive career women of all ethnicities in their 20s and 30s; college age men and women, long hairs welcome; police officers of all ages and ethnicities and ages; and opportunities for hundreds of background extras, singers and crew members.

"Parallel World" will star Emmy Award winner Gordon Clapp (NYPD Blue); critically acclaimed NYC actress Lisa Bostnar and Thompson himself, as well as longtime famous Alvin Epstein.

Thompson said there will be several auditions throughout the state. The movie will be set in a number of New Hampshire communities, as he has done in the past.

He is a longtime resident of the Granite State and feels that it has everything needed to do a film. “Seacoast, mountains, small town, cities and great locations, plus a fine group of residents who are proud of their communities,” said Ernest, “I love that New Hampshire is the go-to state.”

Anyone interested in participating in the film can visit or email More auditions will be happening in the state over the next few weeks and will be announced on Facebook and Instagram.

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