Elizabeth Hurley vows to keep quiet about her personal life
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Elizabeth Hurley has "made a vow" to "keep quiet" about her personal life.

The 53-year-old actress and model has said she won't be making any public statements about aspects of her personal life - including her love life - because she feels as though she "talked too much about it in the past", and wants to retain a bit of privacy now.

When asked about her love life, she said: "I made a vow a few years ago to keep quiet about my private life for a bit, because I decided I talk too much about it in the past! So I'm not going to answer that, but I will say thank you for asking!"

And although she won't reveal if there's a special someone in her life, the 'Gossip Girl' alum insists she "definitely" isn't romancing Justin Theroux.

The pair were romantically linked in January when they attended multiple events together in Morocco, but Elizabeth - who has 17-year-old son Damian with ex Steve Bing - says it was just a working arrangement.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she said: "They're definitely not true. We did a job together, and he's a very nice chap, but they're definitely not true."

Meanwhile, the 'Austin Powers' actress recently said she would rather be "happy and single" than be "miserable" in a relationship.

She said: "People say, 'Are you lonely?' and actually, I'm really not. I'd rather be happy and single than miserable with someone, that's for sure. It would be fantastic to fall in love with someone wonderful, but I've really enjoyed the past couple of years and it's made me realise how important it is to find someone who shares similar tastes. I think that's because I've had some time to do entirely what I want to do."

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