May kept us hopping, there was so much to celebrate! We celebrated Nurse’s Week, Skilled Nursing Week, and Mother’s Day! Our theme for the month was May Flowers, and our theme for Skilled Nursing Care Week (previously known as National Nursing Home Week) was the Fabulous ’50s.

Oh, the wonderful nurses we celebrated during Nurses Week! It started on May 6 (Florence Nightingale’s birthday) and continued for the week. We did some pot-luck lunches, tried to guess who the nurse was by their baby picture, and made little gifts for them. Then, the very next week, Skilled Nursing Care Week began. 

Skilled Nursing Care Week began on Mother’s Day, and continued for the week. We kicked it off with a big Mother’s Day brunch. All the ladies received a carnation, and then there was a springtime Eggs Benedict with sliced tomato, avocado and maple bacon. It was a huge hit! There were also Belgium waffles with a mixed berry compote, deep-dish quiche, and wild mushroom Chicken Marsala with parmesan garlic mashed potatoes. Again, a huge success and so many thanks to the dietary staff for all of their hard work!

We did all sorts of things that you would have done during the ’50s. We had a hula hoop contest, a ’50s Name That Tune, a huge Soda Shoppe Social with the Rockin’ Daddios that included residents, family and staff, slinky races, and drag races. Whew! The kitchen provided us with some old-fashioned dishes, too. The residents picked their top two at resident council: Tuna noodle casserole and fried bologna sandwiches!

June saw us going on a virtual “Road Trip” through beautiful New England. What a great theme! We celebrated our LNAs during LNA Week, and had a get-together with our pen pals from Laconia Cub Scout Pack 68. We are so excited to finally meet our pen pals in person. 

During our “road trip” we made postcards to showcase how “postcard-perfect” Castine, Maine, is.  We made some strawberry cheesecake cookies as we learned about Strawberry Bank in Portsmouth. We sampled Green Mountain Coffee and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from Watertown, Vermont. Father’s Day was spent in Boston, Massachusetts, with some Boston Crème doughnuts.  We had coffee milk and learned about lighthouses while we visited Jamestown, Rhode Island. We “visited” Kent, Connecticut, and have some ice cream sundaes while learning about it.  

We spent the Friday before Father’s Day welcoming motorcycles to Laconia at our lower parking lot. Tents, tables, and chairs helped keep us comfortable. So did the hot chocolate and coffee in the morning — goodness, it was chilly! By noontime, we were making our way into the sun to warm up, and needed the waters and sodas we had standing by in the coolers. We enjoyed hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and french fries from McDonald’s for lunch — what a treat! Ice cream topped the day off perfectly! We had so many friendly people stop by, show us their motorcycles and visit with us. We needed to rest up for July and our theme: Life’s a Picnic! Guess what we will be doing a lot of? See you then!

The Belknap County Nursing Home Shooting Star for May was Gwen Gaudette, LPN.  Congratulations, Gwen! The Shooting Star is a program to recognize staff members who go above the call of duty. Residents, visitors, family members, or staff can nominate someone they feel is deserving. They write up their nomination, drop it in the box, and one person is chosen each month. Thank you to all of our Shooting Stars for all the wonderful things you do for our residents and our facility! 

Does it look like we have fun? Want to join us? Do you have some extra time? Do you want to give back to your community? Come volunteer with us at the Belknap County Nursing Home! Help a resident in a wheelchair do some shopping or assist us as we take a group out to eat, help prepare some crafts, or read to someone. Make a difference in someone’s life today! Volunteers are always wanted. Contact the Belknap County Nursing Home Activity Department to sign up today.

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