WOLFEBORO — Local organization Global Awareness Local Action is partnering with The Libby Museum and JMB’s School of the Forest to provide a week-long outdoor youth program. This Wilderness Skills Intensive for children ages 11-14 will be held at the Libby Museum July 2-7 (with July 4 off) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day, except 10 a.m.-noon on Saturday.

Day 1 of the workshop will focus on knife use, care and safety with a practical application on stick and pot hanger carving, followed by an introduction to plant pressing. Day 2 will focus on fire starting, use, safety and extinguishing with a practical application on outdoor cooking basics making Bannock, followed by an introduction to drinking water safety. The day will conclude with plant pressing. There will be no class on July 4th. Day 3 will begin with shelter building, demonstrating different designs like tripod, quad-pod, and raised beds. The day will also include predator and prey exercises, animal tracking, and an “all senses” tree ID exercise while forest walking and path-blazing. Day 4 will begin with making of small reed baskets and birch bark bowls. The afternoon will be spent on fire making and firewood preparation with a focus on feather stick carving, batoning. The day will end with spoon carving and more plant pressing. Day 5, the final day of class, will culminate in a show and tell for friends and families at the Libby Museum.

Register now to reserve your spot! The cost to participate for the week is $100 and you can sign up at www.galacommunity.org, or by calling 603-344-5009. There are still a few spots open so don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity! You can also visit www.thelibbymuseum.org and www.jackmtn.org to find out more.

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