Hurd Brook in Alton

Hurd Brook in Alton. (Courtesy photo/Joel DeStasio of Trout Unlimited)

ALTON — There are a number of conservation projects occurring in Alton. Belknap County Conservation District and Trout Unlimited, with assistance and support from the Alton Conservation Commission, Camp Brookwoods, and Lakes Region Conservation Trust are involved in planning a stream restoration project that will be implemented in the Summer of 2021. The project is funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and a New Hampshire Moose Plate grant.

The stream is Hurd Brook located in Alton, which empties into Lake Winnipesaukee and stretches 1.7 miles. The project will consist of adding instream large wood structures to Hurd Brook, which will benefit native eastern brook trout populations, and protect water quality by reducing sediment and excess flow of nutrients into Lake Winnipesaukee. 

Along with aiding in Hurd Brook Restoration, the Alton Conservation Commission has a number of other projects. Their mission is to protect and properly use the natural resources in the town, which includes Alton’s watershed resources. Not only does Alton Conservation Commission partner with Belknap County Conservation District, but a number of other organizations, such as Belknap Range Conservation Coalition, Forest Society, Lakes Region Conservation Trust, and Halfmoon Lake Association.

Other conservation projects the Conservation Commission are involved with include the Mill Pond mitigation project, a bypass trail near the Mount Major Parking lot, and acquiring 90 acres of Stockbridge Forest in order to protect Coffin Brook tributary. 

To learn more or to contact the Conservation Commission, visit their website,

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