A hike to celebrate Groundhog Day will be offered by Squam Lakes Association on Saturday, Feb. 2 on the Col Trail, which runs between East and West Rattlesnake mountains. (Courtesy photo)

HOLDERNESS — On Saturday, Feb. 2, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m., celebrate Groundhog Day with the Squam Lakes Association and a guided hike. Hikers will join Lakes Region Conservation Corps AmeriCorps members, Alex Reiber and John Plummer, in discussing the history of Groundhog Day and the biology of the groundhog. Hikers will also learn about beavers, squirrels, and muskrats. Following the short discussion at the SLA headquarters, hikers will carpool to the Col Trail to take a hike and look for signs of these creatures along the way. 

Rodents are mammals, characterized by a pair of continuously growing teeth in both the upper and lower jaw adapted to cutting. There are over 2,000 species of rodents in the world, with New Hampshire being home to more than 20 of them. In addition to predicting how long winter will last, they play an important role in the food web, and have served to alter the landscape through the construction of dams.

The hike will be a total distance of 2.4 miles, with some early sections of the trail being moderately steep. Hikers will take the Col Trail, which runs between East and West Rattlesnake from Pinehurst Road to a wetland area. This program is geared toward older kids and adults. Due to the time of year, participants are encouraged to dress in layers, bring snacks and water, and to wear snowshoes or micro spikes. Snowshoes can be provided for up to six participants if requested ahead of time.

For more information, visit squamlakes.org, or call 603-968-7336.

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