My hardy Scottish Highlander

My hardy Scottish Highlander cattle laugh at cold weather but not at ice. One of my cows had a tragic ending after she slipped and fell.

After a 10-day getaway in New York and New Jersey, I was glad to get home to the farm. While I was away, husband Bruce and industrious farm workers Diane Hersey and Matt Roach fed the cattle, kept water troughs free of ice, and checked twice a day for newborn calves. No calves were born, although we’re expecting nine. Bruce even put shiplap boards on the kitchen wall, where he hung our pots, pans, and lids. It was a stunning design that I’d expect to see in Martha Stewart’s kitchen. All was good.

While feeding the morning after my return, Highland cow Gretchen was lying by herself apart from the others. She struggled to her feet as I approached, unwilling to put weight on her right hind leg. After eating a bucketful of grain, she hobbled down a little hill and through a gate to another pasture away from the healthy cows who wanted to steal her food.

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