Lakes Region Flag Football

Falcons top Vikings for title

At 7:05 it was still in the 90s and the hottest game night of the summer flag football season was being played. It took a lot of sweat in the first half for the top-seeded Falcons and the No. 2 Vikings to figure each other out. Players had to pace themselves while some opportunistic plays on both offense and defense kept the scoring close at the end of the first half. The summer 2018 Men's league champs were the Falcons as they took their slight halftime lead and opened things up in the second half to a 19-point lead over the Vikings. Things got rolling for the Vikings as their defense tightened up the rest of the stretch, and the offense began running the hurry up. The Vikings were able to keep the Falcons out of the end zone while putting points up on the board themselves.  But they came up short as time ran out 39-32 in one of our best men's league Super Bowls in their 8 year history. Commissioner Bob Giroux was happy with the summer season.  “It was a great season among the 8 teams that joined us this summer: Falcons, Vikings, Jaguars, Jets, Titans, 49ers, Dolphins and Patriots.  It was hot but everyone had a great time.”  In the B division game it was a shootout as the 49ers outscored and outlasted the Titans 66-52 to take the championship.  According to Giroux midway through the season they break down into an A and B division based on record.  “The top teams play for the Super Bowl and the coveted champions t-shirt while the B division plays for the oversized Hershey chocolate bar.”  I suspect with the heat the chocolate bar melted before the final gun sounded!

Co-ed championships:

I wouldn’t get used to saying this in general but, The Cleveland Browns are the Super Bowl Champs! At least in the Lakes Region Flag Football League's Summer 2018 Adult Co-ed League! The Browns battled the Chargers for LRFFL Super Bowl supremacy, with the Browns capturing the crown 47-37.  Giroux credit both teams with a great effort.  “It was a well fought game, with spirited competition and terrific sportsmanship by both teams and on both sides of the ball.” The Chargers came out strong, even being short-handed, and kept the Browns defense off-balance with quick passing plays. On defense both teams struggled to adjust to what offense the other was running.  The first half ended with the Chargers holding a slight lead 31-28. It would not last as the Browns offense came out clicking in the second half. With the defense tightening on the Chargers passing plays, and the Chargers getting gassed without substitutes, the Browns pulled away early in the stanza and never looked back on their way to the championship. 

It’s a busy weekend for the LRFLL but not on the field according to Giroux.  “We’re in two parades.  We will up in front at the Meredith 250th celebration parade at 10 a.m. and then scoot over to the Belmont Old Home Day parade.  We’ve seen a lot of players from the Belmont area so we’re happy to get over there.”

Registrations are ongoing for the youth fall league and they are 2/3 full with a waiting list in the 6U division.  It goes until early September with a start at the end of September. The combine happens on September 9th with pre-season games on the 23rd and week one games on the 30th.  All games at Inter-Lakes high school with the playoffs and super bowl games at Laconia High School in early November.

We spoke to Giroux about the growth of the league.  “We’ve had discussions about spreading to other communities and kind of like franchising.  We would operate the league with registrations and logistics and let folks on the ground run the operations.”  It’s an idea that is not new as it’s done in other parts of the country.  “Places like Ohio where things are really spread out it’s done like that. It’s just something we are considering so we might have an LRFLL East and West and North.  Seems like a natural progression for us.”  In the 8 years I have followed this league it’s a passion for the people like Bob.  The growth has seen this become a year round effort with more and more people getting involved.  It is an NFL sponsored league and on solid footing.  Some parent’s I’ve spoken to view this as a safer alternative to tackle while others look at it as an opportunity to hone skills like running, passing and catching for the tackle season.  Everyone agrees that the time and equipment commitment is minimal and it’s really fun. More information can be found at

Laconia Chiefs Youth Football and Cheer –

Over the years the Chiefs have been very successful in fundraising to the point of not charging kids to play and funding equipment and all league expenses.  Earlier this year it was announced that there was a cutoff date for “registration free” participation which had a lot of folks registering early.  This had some unintended consequences according to Rod Roy.  “For the first time we saw a lot of kids just not show up and this has significant implications for the league.”  Over 40 football kids and 41 cheerleaders that registered previously were no-shows when the league started with tryouts.  “We have to declare how many teams would participate in the league based upon registrations.  We declared 4 teams but now only have enough to field two.”  The problem with that is the league had to spend a lot of time, effort and money in background checks and certifications for coaching staffs and other expenses that were unnecessary.  It’s also too late for the league to expand if those kids do come back. “Our first game is the 26th and we’re already locked in to 2 teams.”  He added:  “It’s frustrating and disappointing but we’re moving on into another season and very much looking forward to it!”  He also reported that the board of directors are looking at why this happened and for ways to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  “I think we might have to put some kind of registration fee with this so we can get an accurate count and commitment next year.”  The league has worked so hard at making it easy for kids to get involved and play over the years especially those that might not afford a registration fee that all the other sports have.  Maybe they could make the fee refundable once the kids actually come out and play.  Good luck Chiefs!  We look forward to getting your results in the paper and on the air!

The Chiefs are looking ahead to the 2019 season with have a huge looming expense as they are at the end of the safety life of their helmets according to Roy.  “Every ten years we need to replace our helmets.  The last time we did the cost was 15 grand as we bought 100 helmets.”  This time around they don’t expect to replace that many but the expense will still be large.  “We won’t have to replace that many.  I don’t think we’ll see those kind of numbers again.  But, the cost will likely be the same or close to it with inflation.  I suspect we’ll need between 10 and 15 thousand.”  So the fundraising machine keeps on chuggin’ with another event coming up in October with a Cornhole championship that will mirror the one they did in May for Lacrosse and the CHaD football players.  “Yeah, it will be the same format.  We are looking for corporate sponsorships for the boards and as many teams as we can get.”  The event is October 20th at 1:00pm with registration at 12:00pm.  “The cost per team is $50 and companies that sponsor a set of boards can have them customized and take them home for $250.”  It was a wildly successful event in May as they raised almost $4,000 and they hope to meet or surpass that in October.  With that said, if Rich Moore and Danny Dunn team up again everyone will be playing for 2nd place!  Pre-registration can be done online at

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