PLYMOUTH — National Home Care and Hospice Month in November is when we honor all professionals who work in the broad field of home care and hospice work — this includes physicians, nurses, LNAs, social workers, physical therapists, and so many more. Each requires a different skill set and comes with its own emotional and physical demands. The professionals who perform these services are committed to helping patients live, as well as pass away with dignity. This month is for them.

1. Home health care can reduce falls and hospital readmissions

If you have had surgery or been hospitalized for a medical illness, you might have safety concerns at home, particularly the risk of falls. The truth is that falls with resulting injuries are quite common in hospitals, despite efforts to reduce them. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that an elderly or ill person is less likely to suffer a serious event at home compared to an acute care setting. Home care can also reduce the rate of hospital re-admission.

2. Home health care provides a medicallevel of care at home

After hospitalization, most people prefer to heal at home. Similarly, the elderly prefer to stay home rather than go to a skilled nursing facility. Home health care can provide a variety of benefits to support activities of daily living as well as 24/7 nursing care, disease management, ostomy and catheter management, surgical after care/wound care, medication management and care for high risk pregnancies, infants and children. If the only thing keeping a patient in the hospital is the need for intravenous medications, there is good news: there is now a way to manage infusion therapy at home.

3. Home health care can provide physical therapy and occupational therapy

If you’ve had surgery and you’ll be needing physical or occupational therapy, you don’t have to go to a rehabilitation facility. Pemi-Baker Hospice & Home Health offer at-home therapy services. Another benefit that at-home therapy provides, is the opportunity to assess the safety and accessibility of the home environment. A therapist’s trained eyes can spot fall hazards or bathroom dangers and provide helpful preventive advice.

4. Hospice provides dignity for many

Home care and hospice workers believe that those at the end of their lives deserve the right to pass peacefully and on their own terms. The elderly often far prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes, where they feel freer and are at less risk of contracting other illnesses. The existence of hospice makes this level of freedom available to many who otherwise would not have had it. Hospice care offers 24/7 clinical support, medication and pain management, assistance with daily living activities, medical supplies and equipment, volunteer support and companionship, social, spiritual and grief support from social workers and chaplains, for the whole family.

5. Hospice month gives us a chance to improve caregivers’ lives

These family members and/or professionals dedicate physical, emotional, and mental energy to each one of the individuals in their care, and often deal with the emotional fallout when the terminally ill take a turn for the worst or pass away. Pemi-Baker offers advice and support in the home to the families they are caring for and also offers a Caregiver Support group every first Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m. in person or via ZOOM.

6. Hospice proves the healing power of the home and loved ones

The elderly who wish to retain the freedom of staying in their home and ending their lives on their own terms experience true psychological benefits. Their comfortable surroundings allow them to end their lives with a sense of dignity, which is incredibly valuable. In fact, home care harkens back to older days, when tending to the terminally ill at home was the standard. There’s always the added benefit of being closer to their loved ones in their final days.

If you think you or your loved one would benefit from home health care, palliative care or hospice care, visit the Pemi-Baker website to learn more or call to speak directly to a professional who will guide you.

Pemi-Baker is located at 101 Boulder Point Drive, Suite 3, Plymouth, NH. To contact us please call: 603-536-2232 or email: 

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