Peter N. Miller with staff

Peter N. Miller celebrates the release of his new book with Golden View staff. (Courtesy photo)

MEREDITH — Peter N. Miller, local author and resident of Golden View, recently published his memoir 'Growing Up Hard of Hearing in Mainstream America.'

Miller, who has 74 years of experience living with impaired hearing, believes his book can be a valuable resource for parents of hearing impaired children, for hearing impaired adults, and for professionals who assist the hearing impaired.

In 1944, when Miller was two years old, an infection permanently damaged the hearing in both of his ears. 'Growing Up Hard of Hearing in Mainstream America' describes how Miller's mind tried to compensate for hearing loss with lip reading and other means.

"Unheard speech caused me to embarrass myself numerous times daily, a very shaming, very humiliating set of experiences which were corrosive to my self-esteem and my self-confidence," Miller said. "My memoir describes the principle ways I tried to protect my fragile ego, with limited success. Because I desperately wanted to be perceived as being just like other people, one of the 'gang,' I tried to conceal the extent of my hearing loss. In 'Growing Up Hard of Hearing in Mainstream America,' I describe many of the ways I attempted to do this."

To purchase a copy of 'Growing Up Hard of Hearing in Mainstream America,' contact the author with questions, or see a digital copy of chapter one, email

Miller, a former Meredith selectman, has a Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University. Before retiring, he was a tenured faculty member at Plymouth State University, a branch of the University of New Hampshire, and a private practice psychotherapist. He has been writing creatively for over 20 years, studying the craft in workshops sponsored by the New Hampshire Writers' Project. Miller is married and has three adult children and one grandson. Miller has also written 'Reaching for the Wind: Two Act Plays,' 'Seven Canterbury Tales Retold: Improvisations on Chaucer,' 'So Fade the Lovely: A New England Mystery,' 'Oh Freedom: A Novel of the Underground Railroad,' 'Jane Varney Durgin: Trick Rider, Quaker Preacher, Opponent of Slavery,' and 'Late Harvest: Best Short Stories 1994-2014.'

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