PLYMOUTH — Like asking for directions, some men can be reluctant to seek medical counsel. At Speare’s annual It’s A Guy Thing from 5 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 14, at Boulder Point in Plymouth, they will be able to load up on all the information they need in a comfortable environment and on a full stomach.

"Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Men’s Health and Aren’t Afraid to Ask!” will feature a panel of physicians from primary care and different specialties to answer questions submitted prior to and at the event by male attendees.

Questions collected so far include: What does it mean if my sex drive is low? What diet would prevent acid reflux? Why do I have difficulty sleeping? What does it mean if I am urinating more or if there is blood? Is it normal to sweat so much? Do I need to worry about constipation? Am I too stressed or depressed? What should I expect as I age? What are the causes and solutions for cramps? How do I improve my prostate health? When might I need cataract surgery? What is too much belly fat?

The event kicks off at 5 p.m. with a buffet catered by Biederman’s Deli and Pub and a beer tasting from Woodstock Inn Brewery. The program begins at 6 p.m. with a brief introduction of the new Acid Reflux and Heartburn Center and the new Weight Loss Surgery Center at Speare, and concludes at 8 p.m. Free raffle prizes include a luxury bag equipped with Eddie Bauer, London Fog, and Sharper Image items, Wilson Tire 4-wheel alignment gift certificates, and a $50 Aubuchon Hardware gift certificate.

Space is limited and preregistration is recommended. Tickets cost $15, and include buffet meal, beer tasting, raffles and the program. Get tickets online at or in the front lobby at Speare.

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