Indian lore is enchanting and part of our heritage living in the Lakes Region.   If you want to feel the smile of the Winnipesaukee Spirit, visit the Ellacoya Barn and Grille, a restored barn, circa 1834, where you can enjoy a cozy and lovely dinner.   While you are there you can learn more about the legend of Ellacoya.

According to lore, Ellacoya was an Indian princess and while her father, Chief Ahanton, was away she fell in love with a young brave. When her father returned he was angry that his daughter had been courted while he was away.  The young brave, Kona, showed no fear and Ellacoya intervened, so the Chief consented to his daughter’s marriage.  After their marriage, followed by days of feasting and celebrating, they began a canoe trip across the lake but were covered by a dark cloud.   Just as they were turning back for safety the sun broke through and they were guided to safety.  Chief Ahanton cried out: “Here is the Smile of the Great Spirit, Winnipesaukee!”

The Smile of the Great Winnipesaukee Spirit seems to reign over Gilford.

Perhaps take an evening for a short pause before the holidays are upon us and have dinner at Ellacoya Grill and think about those final gifts.   Especially those special gifts.

Here are a few ideas.

What about customizing a car, boat or even a motorcycle with specialized audio and other electronic upgrades.  Whether you are driving to the airport in Manchester or to Florida – or just back and forth to work – trips that take a few hours or several days are much more comfortable if one can listen to their favorite music and keep up with their friends through technology. A gift from the Vanworks Car Audio and Sound Resort will bring a smile big and a warm hug … and joy throughout the year.   Wrap a box that looks like it is a sweater or a flannel shirt with a gift certificate from Vanworks. Promise you a big smile and a warm hug and shouts of joy.

Or think about this: Begin with an Aromatic Facial at Lakes Cosmetic Institute with oils created by the clinical manager, Jennifer Nunez.  It will make someone feel younger and reduce the effects of aging on their skin. After a day of treatments, make plans to leave the next morning for a trip to the North Country of New Hampshire.

Hire ASL Limousine to collect you – or the people who are receiving this wonderful gift – in a beautiful town car or even a limousine.  Take a drive into the White Mountains, stopping for lunch at one of the grand hotels and then shopping Littleton, walking down their enchanting Main Street.  Return in the late afternoon and check into the Fireside Inn and Suites, a lovely Lake Winnipesaukee Hotel where you will be treated like royal guests.   In the room you will find coffee and even a whoopie pie! There are movies, cable television and a staff that will be pleased to help you with reservations and ideas for what is happening.

Leave all work schedules, to-do lists and goals behind.  Let others take care of you. ASL can pick you up at the airport, help you with luggage if you traveling to the airport, and take all of the stress out of traveling.

When was the last time you visited Gilford?  When you visit, stop by the library and garden, now filled with snow.  You might want a good book to read for your stay at the Fireside Inn.

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