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Outreach Project Coordinator Dan Schroeder of the Wright Museum presented a program at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans last week entitled “The Three Stooges Take on the Axis Powers.” (Courtesy photo)

WOLFEBORO — The Wright Museum sent Outreach Project Coordinator Dan Schroeder to New Orleans last week to present a program at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Schroeder developed the program nearly ten years ago, entitled “The Three Stooges Take on the Axis Powers.”

“Since I first presented on this subject, the reception to it has always been great,” he said. Schroeder says the relevance of The Three Stooges to World War II cannot be overstated.

“Even before Charlie Chaplin and The Great Dictator, the Three Stooges lampooned Hitler and all the Axis powers in ‘You Nazty Spy’ and other films,” he said. “The Three Stooges were the first comedy act to directly make fun of Hitler and the Axis powers.”

“The Three Stooges were immersed in the war effort,” he added. “Comedy was crucial to galvanizing public opinion toward the war...The Three Stooges were central to unifying Americans as the war became inevitable.”

Schroeder began discussions with the National WWII Museum one year ago. Self-funding this first installment of a six-part series, he acknowledged he hopes future presentations this far from home include some compensation.

Executive Director Mike Culver thinks the trip is a very special event, with an impact on the Wright Museum itself.

“This kind of national exposure is important, because it places us solidly with the community of larger museums outside of New England,” he said. “Being seen as less parochial is significant for a variety of reasons. It can attract a new donor base, make it easier to secure national speakers, gain recognition for our collection and much more.” 

While working in New Hampshire, Schroeder may often be found in schools, community centers, veterans homes and other places as part of the Wright Traveling Trunk Show, which is distinct from his recent trip to New Orleans.

To learn more about the Wright Museum, which is open daily through Oct. 31, visit www.wrightmuseum.org.

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