LACONIA — Moulton Farm and Maxfield Real Estate are collaborating to raise money for Belknao House through a fall Cow Pie Bingo contest. For those unfamiliar with this New England tradition, this is how it works: five hundred 4-foot by 4-foot squares are marked on a fenced-in section of the Moulton Farm in Meredith. Five hundred tickets are offered for sale, each ticket corresponding to one of the squares. Two cows are released into the fenced-in pasture. The winner is determined by the square that receives the first cow pie.

Tickets are available for purchase until September 15, one week prior to the event. Tickets may be purchased online at www. under events. Tickets are also available at Belknap House, 200 Court St. in Laconia or at promotional days at the Moulton Farm. You don’t need to be present at the event to win. Winners receive up to 25% of the ticket sale revenue, up to a maximum of $2500.

The proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Belknap House, whose mission is to provide safe shelter for homeless families with children from mid-October to mid-May. The shelter serves the ten towns and one city in Belknap County. From Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day weekend, Belknap House is open as a vacation hostel to raise funds for its homeless shelter mission.

Area residents and visitors are invited to Moulton Farm on Saturday, Sept. 22, by 1 p.m. to witness the outcome of the contest. Moulton Farm is located at 18 Quarry Road in Meredith.

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