New Hampshire's service members and veterans have all pledged to put their lives on the line for our nation. Military life involves many sacrifices that can create immediate and longterm challenges for veterans and their families. Easterseals military and veterans services’ care coordinators stand ready when a service member, veteran, or military family encounters challenges.

Easterseals NH offers care coordination to veterans of all eras, from World War II veterans to those who are currently serving. Services are free and confidential, and they are provided locally —in the veteran’s home or other convenient location.

Care coordinators are community caseworkers with extensive training in military culture. Their job is to do whatever it takes to help service members, veterans, and their families thrive. Care coordinators help those in crisis situations, and are also available to help families plan ahead and avoid problems when facing life changes and challenges.

Easterseals care coordinators can specifically help with:

· Counseling and emotional support.

· Employment.

· Housing and homelessness.

· Domestic violence.

· Childcare resources.

· Respite care.

· Transportation.

· Disability services resources.

· Legal issues.

· Mental health.

· Substance abuse.

· Budgeting and financial management.

· Emergency financial assistance through Veterans Count.

· Navigating and accessing the system (civilian and VA) and cutting the red tape.

The program has been highly effective in areas such as suicide prevention, connecting veterans to health care and counseling, preventing homelessness, and securing meaningful employment. By meeting with veterans and families where they live, providing confidential and non-judgmental care, addressing emergencies in the context of planning for self-sufficiency, and doing whatever it takes, the Easterseals NH care coordinators have made a real difference for more than 11,700 service members, veterans, and their families.

If you know a service member, veteran, or military family in need, contact the program coordinator of Easterseals New Hampshire Military and Veterans' Services, at 603-315-4354.

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