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Lynn Haust will lead glass workshops this month at Sandwich Home Industries. (Courtesy Photo)

SANDWICH — The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen will offer two workshops by glass artist Lynn Haust — “Kiln Fired Sun Catchers” and “Kiln Fired Glass Pendants” — at Sandwich Home Industries.

Learn the art of glass melting on Aug. 14 from 10 a.m. to noon. Students will cut brilliant colored pieces of glass and combine them with stringers, noodles, and confetti. The creations will be fired in a kiln, melting the glass into sun catchers. Simple wire working will be covered to hang the pieces.

Due to firing and annealing times, the finished pieces will be available for pick-up or sent to the student.

Participants will be able to make one large 6- by 6-inch piece or several smaller pieces. Finished examples and creative ideas will be available. Glass technology, safety, glass cutting, and equipment will be covered.

Tuition of $50 includes materials. Call 603-284-6831 to register.

On Thursday and Friday, Aug. 23 and 24, there will be a fast-paced two-day workshop on kiln-fired glass and many of the techniques that make melting glass so exciting.

Using clear and black Bullseye glass as a base, participants will design and create a collection of glass pendants using dichroic, transparent and opaque glass. In the first class, students will be cutting the dichroic glass to create color and design. The clear and black dichroic glass pieces will be fully fused into two large squares. In the second class, participants will cold work the glass by cutting and shaping the glass into pendants. The pieces will be fired a second time to fire polish the glass into the finished pendants.

Tuition of $150 includes materials. Call 603-284-6831 to register.

Lynn Haust is a glass artist and, for the past 20 years, she has mastered the art of melting glass into original wall pieces, functional art, and jewelry. Her inspiration comes from the New England landscapes and the art and spirit of the ancient artist.

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