10-15 Rattlesnake Mtn

The Squam Lakes Association hike to West Rattlesnake is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 15. (Courtesy photo)

HOLDERNESS — The Squam Lakes Association will offer a hike to West Rattlesnake, scheduled for Monday, Oct. 15 from 2:30-5 p.m.
The West Rattlesnake hike is just over three miles long, and will begin by walking along Route 113 for a short distance to get to the Undercut Trail. The hike goes up a steep rock ledge on the Ramsey Trail, down the steep Pasture Trail, back up part of the Col Trail to the Ridge Trail, and then to West Rattlesnake. The hike down follows the Old Bridle Path. Participants may hike at their own pace and go as far down the trail as they'd like. This is not intended to be a guided hike. 
This hike is part of a series of meet-up hikes offered by Squam Lakes Association, scheduled each week throughout October in the Squam Watershed. There is no cost to attend the hikes.
All hikes are part of the association's Squam Ranger checklist, a program that supports the management of the trails. The Squam Ranger program has a cost of $50 for 50 miles. Only 33 people have completed all 50 miles. The $50 fee helps offset the cost of maintaining the trails. 
All Squam Rangers receive a hiking t-shirt, backpack, Squam Trail Guide, Squam Wildlife Guide, and Trail Log. Upon completion of hiking all 26 trails, hikers receive a Squam Ranger baseball cap, a Squam Ranger patch, and Squam Ranger Completion Certificate. 
For more information, visit www.squamlakes.org, or call 603-968-7336. 

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