WOLFEBORO — Moose Mountains Regional Greenways will offer a Family Scavenger/Discovery Walk on Thursday, July 19, as part of its program of nature-oriented activities to engage youths, called ‘MOOSE-ies for Families.’ The event will run from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on a short section of the Cotton Valley Rail Trail in Wolfeboro.

The exploration activity is meant to encourage children’s sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world. The walk will be followed by a picnic supper and sharing time, facilitated by Greenways staff members and volunteers.

Education Coordinator Kari Lygren said, “We have had so much fun at all our events so far, we’re really looking forward to this Scavenger/Discovery Walk. As part of the activity, we’ll suggest that families pause and listen carefully to the sounds of nature at different spots along the rail trail. What do you hear? Any bird or insect sounds? We’ll also make a few suggestions of things to look for. Do you see something purple? Can you find something that looks like the letter ‘Z’? I bet the kids will amaze us with all that they discover.”

Lygren elaborated on the Cotton Valley Rail Trail location. “MMRG supported the construction of the rail trail early on so when we were looking for a place to do a ‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ activity in Wolfeboro, it was natural for us to choose it. The rail trail provides wonderful recreational opportunities; we are lucky to have it in our region.”

Children of all ages are welcome with their families. Families are asked to bring their own picnic suppers. The outing is free for MMRG member households, but pre-registration is required.

‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ stands for Members Only Outdoor and Social Events for Families and the program of six ‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ activities per year is a benefit for MMRG members. Its purpose is to create opportunities for families to have fun together outdoors while learning about nature, in order to foster future generations of conservationists.

Other upcoming events this year are: the 16th annual Woods, Water & Wildlife Festival on Aug. 11, a ‘Family Moonlight Walk’ on Sept. 22 in Farmington and a Family Bonfire Storytime at McKenzie’s Farm in Milton in October.

If MMRG’s $25 per household per year membership fee is a financial burden, families may inquire of Executive Director Patti Connaughton-Burns about available scholarships by calling 603-473-2020.

For more information on the Wolfeboro event, including directions, and to pre-register, call Kari Lygren at 603-978-7125 or email info@mmrg.info. For more information on the Cotton Valley Rail Trail, visit cottonvalleyrailtrail.org.

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