GILMANTON — Gilmanton School Principal Carol N. Locke has announced that the following students achieved Honor Roll status for the third trimester of the 2017-2018 school year:

Sixth Grade

High Honors: Elise Bartley, Millicent Caldon, Brook Kimball, Lily Locke, Madelyn McKenna, Samantha Pinckney, Rhiannon Reinholz, Mya Shepard, Abigail Shute, and Samuel Young

Honors: Trisha Bradbury, Madeline Breton, Mara Bugnacki, Cameron Bushnell, Isaac Carter, Mason Cotnois, Emma Desrochers, Alana Gardner, Brayden Gardner, Katherine Gosselin, Lily Hufschmid, Derek Kelly, Amelia Kilmister, Kaylene Messer, Aidan Mini, Madison Sands, Jovie Smith, Delilah Smock, Samuel Stoddard, Audrey Thurston, Amanda Vezina, Jaime Waldron, Zavien Whitmore, Dylan Wright, and Jacob Young

Seventh Grade

High Honors: Alex Burnham, Brady Heyman, Izaak Walton

Honors: Marena Beale, Ariana Bolduc, Chance Bolduc, Ryan Caldon, Jodi Chamberlain, Olivia Fanjoy, Jessica Gannon, Melisande Gautreaux, Luke Houle, Natalie Hurst, Emily Jacques, Gianna Knipping, Cayden Krupnik, Aydin Kutuk, Louis Laurendeau, Autumn Maltais, Aidan Mathieu, Caleb Nimirowski, Noah Smith, Madison Stoddard, and Brian Wilson

Eighth Grade

High Honors: Elise Archibald, Claire Bartley, Hale Kutuk, Marlow Mikulis, Lindsay Shute, Esther Wrobel

Honors: Shannon Burton, Rebecca Buttrick, Madison Cusello, Tristan Dow, Dylan Gardner, Danielle Giardini, Laura Hughes, Jaiden McKenna, Lela Schuler, Brianna Skehan, Jasmyn Watt, and Jacqueline Wright

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