FRANKILN — Mike Cryans is coming to Franklin VNA & Hospice Friday, Feb. 15, at 9 a.m. during the Meet Your Representative Event. He will be joining healthcare providers and staff to talk about health care issues in 2019 and beyond. The public is invited and encouraged to come ask about health care issues.

Executive councilors don't draft legislation, but they are tasked with approving spending of a major portion of the approximately $5.2 billion planned by the legislature to make laws into a reality. Additionally, executive councilors approve the appointment of judges and commissioners, ensure that all those appointed to the executive branch of government are responsible to the citizens of New Hampshire and not to any special interests, and develop the 10-year transportation plan.

One topic of discussion during the meeting will be the Choices for Independence program, and how Cryans plans to fund in-home caregivers, if legislation is passed to increase the reimbursement for their work. Franklin VNA hopes this will attract more individuals into this job.

“I think if you look at the numbers, it's easy to see the advantages of in-home care providers versus emergency room care,” said Tabitha Dowd, executive director for Franklin VNA & Hospice. “For the cost of two hours in the emergency room you could instead pay for one month of an in-home care provider through the Choices for Independence program, or even an episode of skilled care with a visiting nurse. The program helps individuals avoid expensive emergency room stays and tens of thousands of dollars in cost for hospital stays each time they are admitted.”

In addition to substantial cost savings, quality of life for seniors is improved by in-home care.

Dowd added, “We're excited to be having this dialogue with Councilor Cryans, and hope we will have many members of the public join us. We want our local government to hear what truly matters to local constituents and allow us to work together to get it.”

To RSVP to attend this event, contact April at 603-934-3454.

For more information, visit Franklin VNA & Hospice is at 75 Chestnut St.


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