Winter Polliwogs is the perfect place for young learners to explore and play in nature this in winter — they won’t even notice they are improving their mental, physical, and emotional health along the way. (Courtesy photo)

LACONIA — If you and the young ones in your life are finding that this long season of online learning and early sunsets has made getting outside into nature seem like an insurmountable task, Prescott Farm is here to help.

School and Community Programs Director, Andie Hession, explains it this way. “Newton’s Law of Inertia, an object at rest tends to stay at rest, is true for people, too! It’s always easy to get stuck in the habit of staying put, and in the winter, hunkering down is even more tempting than ever.”

Hession and her team of Environmental Educators have designed programs to meet participants wherever they are on their nature journey, and help them explore even further. The mood boosting just comes along for the ride. “We don’t require smiles and laughter at our programs,” Hession says, “but you can bet we have them in abundance!”

Two series offered this winter are specifically designed to help younger explorers connect with their favorite adults – and with nature- all while having winter fun.

Family & Friends Fun Days at Prescott Farm are brand new in 2021. The two-part winter program will take place on Saturday, Jan. 23. Animal Tracking (10 a.m. – noon) will help participants become true detectives as they learn the places, prints, and patterns animals mark in the snow and search for clues that will tell you who is calling Prescott Farm home this winter. Sledding Strategies (1-3 p.m.) invites participants to take their usual sledding fun to the next level. How can you get the most distance? The most speed? Different sled materials and adjustments to the track will help kids of all ages walk away ready to wow friends with new sledding skills.

Family & Friends Fun Days at Prescott Farm are available at no cost to participants thanks to the generous support of NHEC Foundation. 

Winter Polliwogs offers the chance for the littlest explorers and their favorite grown-ups to have fun in nature. Polliwogs will meet on four Wednesday mornings (11 a.m. – noon) beginning Jan. 29. Each week Polliwogs will dig into age-appropriate nature activities like animal prints, sledding, snowshoes, and maple sugaring.

In addition to educator-led programs, visitors can enjoy the trails, sledding hill, and natural playscape on the 160-acre property as a free community resource from dawn-to-dusk every day. Visitors who wish to rent snowshoes ($5) may do so while the program building is open (Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m.– 4 p.m.). For program details, a list of health and safety requirements, and to register, please visit

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