BRISTOL — The Tapply-Thompson Community Center and the Slim Baker Foundation for Outdoor Education, Inc. are working together to fundraise for future improvements to benefit the youth and the community. The fundraiser is for capital funds. The Slim Baker Foundation is planning to build an outdoor pavilion on the grounds of the Slim Baker Area. The covered pavilion would provide a venue for outdoor programs, TTCC summer camp, scouting, and school programs to expand outdoor learning experiences.

The Newfound Area has benefitted from the legacy of the TTCC founders. Tim Tapply, grandson of Richard "Wink" Tapply, TTCC co-founder, has written a book titled "Bus and Wink: Adventures of Youth, Stories Told Around the Campfire." Tapply wrote and published the book several years ago as a gift to the family and to keep his grandfather's stories alive for generations to come.

The Tapply family has been instrumental within the community for both TTCC and the Slim Baker Area. Wink was the first director of the Bristol Community Center, and he and his wife Ruth influenced many lives in the community. To help provide outdoor recreation opportunities in the greater Bristol community, a limited number of books will be sold, with 100 percent of proceeds supporting the outdoor missions of the TTCC and the Slim Baker Foundation. Dick Tapply said, “The Tapply family is excited to share this book with the community as a way for Dad and Mom to continue to give to the greater Bristol area. Generous local people are covering the cost of publication in order for all proceeds can be dedicated to TTCC and the Slim Baker Area."

The book is available for pre-order at $35, with an expected release at the end of August. To pre-order books, visit or call 603-744-2713.

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