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Warrior Award-winners Katie Hancock, Jennah Drumm and Leah Hartley display their awards. (Courtesy Photo)

ASHLAND — Leah Hartley, Katie Hancock, and Jennah Drumm were recipients of Ashland Elementary School Warrior Awards. They were selected by their tier teachers for having positive attitudes and displaying effort and behavior that make them role-models.

Warrior Award recipients incorporate the values of honesty, respect, integrity, caring, loyalty, citizenship, responsibility and fairness into their daily lives.

Leah Hartley was selected as the Primary Tier Warrior Award winner. Her teachers describe her as a kind, empathetic and honest friend in our community. They noted that she has grown into a confident and caring citizen of the AES community. She is a stellar teammate when involved in collaborative efforts and a strong communicator. Finally, she was commended on her exceptional perseverance when presented with any task and complimented on her willingness to help others with challenging assignments.

Recognized for being a responsible, honest and caring student, Katie Hancock was the Intermediate Tier’s selection for the Spring Warrior Award. Her teachers applauded her enthusiastic participation in all school activities and events and highlighted her careful, thoughtful approach and determination to always do her best. “Katie has always demonstrated the characteristics that we expect from a Warrior Award recipient, but this year she has especially grown into a confident leader and fearless learner.”

Jennah Drumm joined the AES community this year and quickly became an integral part of the Middle Tier Team. Whether she is staffing a booth for a fundraiser, encouraging her teammates during Winter Carnival activities or playing a role in the school play, she gives her all. During the award ceremony, her teacher explained that her positive attitude and willingness to pitch in to accomplish a goal make Jennah a role model and stellar student for younger students to emulate.

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